The farewell ceremony for Sergio Busquets, live


20:51His wife and family, in the video, brought Busi to tears for the first time. Elena and her children take the stage…

20:49Koundé and Dembélé chose the “police” emoji for Busquets. Eric Garcia of “Rocket.” The presenter offers the captain’s armband to Dembélé, who quickly replies: “No thanks!”

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20:45Busquets: “With Iniesta, we understood each other just by looking at each other. Without speaking to each other or Mirranos, we knew where we were”.

20:44Iniesta, on video: “Brother, congratulations on the legacy you left, for your example. It’s the greatest. A big hug and I wish you the best. You have to leave with pride.”

20:43Busquets remembers second hat-trick: “It was a bit tense at the start but we didn’t stop winning”

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20:42Messi, on video!: “I’m sorry I wasn’t there on such a special day for you and your family. It was an honor to share many years with you on and off the pitch. I love you so much.”

20:41Puyol reveals that “in the first 10 years I never went out and then it was because of Geri. I didn’t have his quality and I need to apply myself more”.

20:40Puyol takes the podium: “I brought him the captain’s armband, since I always keep it when I win a title. He has handled it very well. I trusted him 100% since he came. He was captain without a bracelet. He has character . and personality I enjoyed a lot after very hard years. He always pressed me for that 5 that I left free. I told him he wanted it when I retired. He is in good hands, as well as in the national team”. Busquets thanked him: “There are many words to talk about Puyi”.

20:37Busquets revealed he paid for dinners, bowling games…

20:36Sergi Roberto, through a video: “We will miss him but I am sure we will be together again”. Gavi: “For me it is an honor to play with him, he is a man 10”. Eric Garcia: “A great captain who always goes through thick and thin. We will never see anyone like him again.” Dembélé: “A person we all want in the dressing room, a very important loss”. Iñaki Peña: “He is an example”. Frenkie de Jong;: “It was a pleasure playing years with him”.

20:33Busquets appreciated Butragueño’s words: “I have always had a lot of respect for them and they for me, thank you very much”.

20:32Butragueño takes the floor: “Of course we have to be there to convey our appreciation for his extraordinary career. For Madrid he has been a great rival, both in attack and defense. He has had a lot of judgment to get the ball out of between the central defenders and the middle. He has been the key to Barça’s successes.”

20:31Busquets took the gloves: “I will take my coach’s card and I want to see if I am worth it or not, because it is difficult to manage the dressing room and see if the players follow you”

20:30Guardiola, in his video: “We already know where this business started. In Balaguer, in Manresa… That’s where you won me over. You’re lucky to have such collonut parents. I’ll wait for you on the bench because you’ll be a coach, although I’ll beat you. A big kiss”.

20:28Busquets, on the sextet: “Everyone came together. A quality group of people, we were one step ahead of most teams.” Piqué appreciates Guardiola: “Very passionate, a unique talent for reading the game and with the right words to motivate- Everything came together. Even a little bit of luck, like Iniestazo”. Bojan: “It’s a pleasure to share the history of the club of my life with people I admire”.

20:25Busquets talks about Del Bosque: “These are beautiful memories of him. We won a World Cup and a Euro Cup. Humble and a good person. That’s why I will always have affection for the former coach.”

20:25Del Bosque also has his video: “I want to congratulate FC Barcelona for recognizing the career of their player, brilliant and with faultless behavior. I shared 100 games. I appreciate you very much. And I appreciate you”. He says it in Catalan.

20:23Piqué remembers the player Busi: “You never suffered with him. That’s why he was so special. Because of the way he understood the game.”

20:22Bojan remembered their first meeting. “We happened to be in the youth team and he was always himself.” They asked Piqué for an anecdote: “It’s that we have 3,000. We won the sextet the first year, but there were also ludos, broken faxes and one day I put ColaCao in the cash register one day and he gave it back to me.” Busquets: “Yes, I put a stink bomb on it.” Piqué: “And it wasn’t that long ago…”

20:20Piqué and Bojan take the podium…

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20:18Now the video of his colleagues today: Jordi Alba (“I’m sure he will be missed”), Raphinha (“I wish him the best for him and his family”), Arnau Tenas (“he looks like my father” ), Christensen (“he has a special aura”), Pedri “”a good captain”)

20:16Busquets thanked the messages and revealed that in the locker room they called him “police”, for being the captain of the team and having to “control”.

20:15A video where former colleagues appear to give him a message. Marc Bartra, Thiago Alcantara, Pedro Rodríguez…

20:13“I’m the manager of the Barça WhatsApp group and now it has to be someone else. Before it was Geri… that’s what it takes” (jokes)

20:13Busquets: “At the beginning of the year I had a clearer decision. But in training every day the coach and my teammates doubted me”

20:11We will welcome the best midfielder in history. Busquets.

20:11They play a video of a legendary homegrown player’s career.

20:10“I’m from León, I’m going to do it in Leonese. Busi called me and told me to present this act. This will be an act for people to cry and go home. Well, no. Jordi Alba asked me to officiate his wedding. He can’t. I’m going to put a video with all your goals but it would last as long as instagram story”

20:09Dani Martínez went up to the floor

20:09Start the action!

20:07We also see Andoni Zubizarreta

20:06Acting Dani Martínez, friend and funny television host. He admitted to Barça TV that the player himself asked him to present his farewell ceremony.

20:05Watch out because it’s about to start….

20:04Also there is Juan Carlos Navarro, responsible for culé basketball.

20:04And personalities from the world of football such as Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations for Real Madrid, and Albert Luque, who is now the technical manager of the Spanish Football Federation.

20:03Juan Carlos Unzue, Rafa Pol, Ramon Planas, De la Fuente, Juan Manuel Asensi…

20:02We see Jordi Alba, who tomorrow will be the star of a special act, and Bojan Krkic.

20:02Sergio’s father, former goalkeeper Carlos Busquets, was also there.

20:01And the great opponent, Sergio Busquets, arrived with his partner and their two children, all dressed for a special occasion. They chose a very elegant black, even the children.

20:00Gerard Piqué arrived, recently retired.

20:00Enric Masip, Jordi Roura, Aureli Altimira are also there… And
Rafa Márquez, coach of Barça Atlètic, who praised a player who started when he was in the team: “I’m here to say goodbye to a legend. He started with me and he seems to have had many seasons in the First Division. With full self-confidence, which led him to become a legend” .

19:57The former captain has also been seen
Carles Puyol, attending Barça TV: “I am accompanying a very good friend. He is a Barça legend. I was lucky to coincide with him, he is an example for young people. He has everything. Tranquility, making the difficult easy. I agree with Xavi, the best pivot in history. He changed that position”.

7:55 p.mThere are also professionals from the club and from the sections: Carlos Ortega (handball) Edu Castro (hockey), Sergio Lozano (futsal captain), Abrines (basketball)…

19:54Xavi Hernández and his men are also there. The coach spoke on Barça TV: “Busi is highly respected by his teammates, friends, rivals… he leaves a great mark, I insisted he stay but he is great because he won and that’s priceless. His was more difficult than mine because Busi was still playing as a starter, not like me. I’m sure he doubted but he’s in good shape, he deserves it because he’s good he is the man”.

19:51The parade of personalities already seen at the Camp Nou shows the symbolism of the event: from the president Joan Laporta and a good part of his board of directors, to the members of the first team: Ansu Fati, Ferran Torres, Gavi , Pedri Iñaki Peña, Ter Stegen, Christensen, Balde, Raphinha, Dembélé, Kessie, Araujo, Koundé….

7:50 p.mThe club prepared a stage in front of the stands with 32 trophies won by Busquets in his 15 seasons in the first team. He is the last representative of a generation to win both trebles that the club has achieved in its history.

19:48The official action, which starts at 8:00 pm, will take place on the pitch of the Camp Nou, in its last hours before undergoing extensive remodeling of the stadium.

19:46Welcome to MD live broadcast of
farewell act prepared by FC Barcelona for its great captain Sergio Busquets.

Source: La Verdad


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