Chelsea sees the light


It takes two months Chelsea to see the light. Two months in which the London team disappeared from being in the hands of Roman Abramovichin establishing the club, in being sanctioned and having no capacity to respond and in being the most important thing in an auction in the world where the billionaire Todd Boehley and his consortium was a winner.

The owner of Los Angeles Dodgersone of the most important sports clubs in the world, has agreed to take over Chelsea in the amount of approximately 4,250 million pounds (4,970 million euros).

Boehlywho allied with the American billionaire mark walter and with the Swiss Hansjoerg Wyss, among others, has promised not to sell the club until 2032 and ensure its financial stability in the future.

This puts an end to the uncertainty that has surrounded the English team in recent days, as the sale has become misunderstood, to rumors about the request of Abramovich of requesting loans back, and the last minute offer of British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, automatically rejected for not following the process as Boehly did in his time, having to win a sort of auction in which he was also present. Stephen Pagliuca, Boston Celtics owner and former Liverpool and British Airways chairman Martin Broughton.

The fear of the last days came from the closer date of May 31, where the special license where the Chelsea has expired. If it is not renewed or if it does not find a buyer, the team, with a monthly payroll of approximately 28 million pounds (33 million euros), will go bankrupt, although this is a very catastrophic scenario, as it is more than feasible than British government permission would have been extended.

Now he is Chelsea that will be needed Boehly pass the owner exam premier leaguea more anecdotal process than anything else, as shown in the purchase of Newcastle Unitedand may close operations before May 31.

When done, the club can function normally. It will reopen the official store, closed since the penalties were imposed, it will be able to resell tickets – although the season is definitely over – and, more importantly, it will be able to re -conduct operations with the soccer player.

Having his hands tied in recent months has deprived the Chelsea to make adjustments such as Antonio Rudigerleaving on July 1, and leaving in the limbo of the Cesar Azpilicueta Y Andreas Christensenwhich is closer to Barcelona what should remain Stamford Bridge.

The Navarrese captain was one of those who helped hard to cope with the club’s current situation, drawing money out of his own pocket to pay for day-to-day expenses, such as fuel.

The loss of these three defenses will force the Chelsea to comb the market and do so a month before the transition window opens. It will also allow you to address player renewals such as Jorginhothat the contract will expire in 2023, and Mason Mountthat the emoluments do not match their importance on the pitch.

Source: La Verdad


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