Benzema’s first words as an Al Ittihad player


The French Karim Benzema he said today in an interview with his new club Al Ittihad that Saudi Arabia is the place he wants to go to because it is important to him because it is a Muslim country and now, a new chapter is opening in his life where he wants to “uplift” Saudi football.

Saudi Arabia is different from Europe. I have arrived in Saudi Arabia and I feel good. Especially since it’s a Muslim country and how can I put it…it’s beautiful. For me, this is where I want to go because it’s important for me to be in a Muslim country,” he said in his first interview in French after being signed by Ittihad and saying goodbye to Real Madrid, where he had been successful for 14 year.

“Why Saudi Arabia? Because I am a Muslim and this is a Muslim country, and I want to live here,” insisted the 35-year-old Frenchman of Algerian origin, in a more than six-minute interview published in the official club. channels. based in the coastal city of Jeddah.

Benzema indicated that he wanted to speak Arabic “fluently” and stressed that too Mecca, where he went, was “very close” to his residence: “Because I am a believer it is important to me and it is where I feel better and in my place”.

He indicated that when talking to his family about moving to the Arab kingdom, he said that “everyone was happy”, so they moved to Jeddah together, something that was “important”, he stressed.

In talking to the club, Benzema made it clear that he wanted to “raise” the name of the clubdespite being “high” because he is the second most successful in Saudi football after Al Hilal, who was Leo Messi’s lover until yesterday.

“I feel good and happy, happy to have joined this legendary club. Of course, it’s a new challenge for me, a new life and I can’t wait to start training,” he said.

showed his excited to meet Cristiano Ronaldohis “friend”, signed in December by Al Nassr, something that also shows that Saudi Arabia is climbing positions in world football, he said.

“There are big names. It is Cristiano Ronaldo, on the one hand, and then there is me. It’s important to elevate Saudi football, to have a global impact because that’s not just playing in Saudi Arabia, but you have to push and show what I’ve done in Europe,” he argued.

The amount to be paid is unknown. Benzema for three seasons he signed with the club, although Saudi Arabia is running a campaign with millions of euros to recruit different soccer stars to change their image and show a more international after being isolated for decades by the ultra-conservatism of authorities and society.

Source: La Verdad


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