Sainz held the pole in Miami after Leclerc


Tree men. Only one can leave Miami with the first pillar in the history of this event. Verstappen had a high hand. He ordered the classification in the absence of a final attempt. Just a bullet. Leclerc is 64 thousandths of the Dutch and Carlos Sainz, 80 thousandths only. Three men in one breath and Pérez, fourth, with the final option to improve. The roots are maximum. And in the last seconds, charles leclerc He won to celebrate his third pole of the course in 5 races ahead of Carlos Sainz who will start second after brushing off more than ever the long -awaited dream of winning the first pole of his F1 career.

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The man got up from Madrid and in what way after the accident on Friday. He didn’t sink despite the pressure and despite the fact he knew he couldn’t make any more mistakes. The Spaniard, as he did in the Imola sprint race, once again showed his mental strength to attack again and stay close to that goal.

On his last test, Carlos He started with a record in the first sector, beating Leclerc by two tenths with a dream first partial. But the rest of the twist went on Charlesto whom he will paint red ferrari the front row of the grill. Sainz saw how the whiplash melted his pole options in the final corner. In a place where it was key to start with good acceleration to face the finish straight away, he lost the time he needed for the pole.

In the third position is Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz surpassed by just 5 thousandths. No breath yet.

It’s just beginning

Miami he wanted excitement and he got it. The tension, overwhelming, at the height of the world’s greatest show. F1 has arrived Miami to offer a ‘show’ to an American public that has finally embraced F1 with open arms and massive madness. This is their competition, they are no longer the European races they once abandoned. And that change came in part because of the show they expected from him, and that it happened to a strict conclusion that was the best introductory letter for this Sunday’s race.

Absolutely anything can happen on this track and the excitement seems guaranteed. On a track with no room for error and where teams are expected to choose to go two stops due to high wear, the variables are many. Especially if ‘Safety Car’ becomes prominent. There, a good fight is expected in between Leclerc, Sainz and Verstappen on a track where the number of overtakes is unknown. A priori, three DRS zones and three heavy braking indicate that there will be overtaking, but on such a green track, leaving the good line can be synonymous with problems. A difficult risk to take.

But most of all, Carlos could be damned in his position. She is behind her partner and cannot take unnecessary risks. If Leclerc takes the lead in the race, strategy will prioritize Monegasque’s position, always thinking of defending a spot with Verstappen. Carlos’ ballot will not be easy this Sunday.

Hamilton is getting better

Mercedes ’improvement on the news brought to Miami seems to suit Hamilton. On a track with higher temperatures, in an environment where the star car should suffer a bit in a turn because it shouldn’t have problems with heating the tires, Lewis Hamilton finally passed his companion, George Russell. English stared at him. Imola at 24-years-old. At this moment, lewis is 6th then Perez (4th) and a star Valtteri Bottas (5th with Alfa Romeo) despite starting the session with more doubt. behind him, gasly is 7th against Norris (8th), Tsunoda (9th) and Take a walk(10th) in a very tight central zone where Alonso did not shine.

Alonso in Q3

Fernando is optimistic about the position he can achieve in the classification of Miami. But in improving the track by the second, the key to each session is to finally set a good time. Fernando didn’t make his best last lap and was only 32 thousandths from Q3 cut-off time. Alonso will not be easy this Sunday. He starts 11th in a car that is too degraded on tires on a very bad track. Despite this, he will try again.

Source: La Verdad


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