The Beckham-Messi connection that wants to change soccer in the United States


before Leo Messithe landing of David Beckham in MLS has generated enormous expectations. Now the British, from the offices, have an important role in the arrival of the Argentine star in between miami and together they seek to forever change soccer in the United States.

Pele in the 70s with the New York Cosmos, Beckham at the turn of the 21st century in the LA Galaxy and today Messi at Inter Miami towards the 2026 World Cup.

The history of soccer in the US is marked by these great global icons of the sport who one day packed their bags in search of their particular version of the ‘American dream’.

Perhaps this is influenced by the small crop of homegrown talent, at least in men’s soccer, because among the women the US team is a world-class powerhouse.

In the shadow of national passions such as American football, basketball or baseball, football (‘soccer’) in USA It was very difficult for him to find his niche and attract the public, as he did in almost every corner of the planet.

the bet of Messi through MLS could radically change that situation and its landing in the US cannot be fully understood without the precedent of Beckham.


At 32 years old and still plenty of football in his legs, Beckham changed the club’s white shirt in 2007 real Madrid for one of the same color LA Galaxy of MLS.

The Briton stepped into the city of stars amid overwhelming expectations but in a league still finding its rhythm in just over a decade of life and with just 13 teams (it now has 29 team with expansions seen in San Diego and Las Vegas).

Beckham It was a big step forward for the league in terms of media attention and merchandising sales, but it also encouraged MLS to get financially creative to attract the best players in the world.

In this way, the MLS created with the Beckham the “designated player” figure that allowed teams to circumvent salary caps to deal with some flashy signings.

“You can look back on that moment as the key. There’s no doubt that Beckahm coming here made us a global brand,” he said in 2020 at Los Angeles Times Chris Kleinwho became Beckham’s partner in the locker room of Galaxy.

The group of The Angels he has fond memories of Beckham, who won two MLS Cups with the Galaxy and now has a statue in his honor at the entrance to Dignity Health Sports Park.

But also a key to the amazing business that was for the English to cross the Atlantic was the MLS guaranteed him an option to get an expansion in the league for 25 million dollars, a possibility that in 2020 became Inter Miami which is now, according to Forbes magazine, a team worth 600 million.


“How are you, David. First of all, congratulations. I want to wish you the best of luck in this new project, in your new phase. And, well, who knows if in a few years you’ll call me.”

So he congratulated Messi in Beckhamin a video on social networks, for the initiation of between miami in 2020, a friendly message that now feels like a sign.

For many years, Beckham and their partners in the ownership of Inter Miami (the brothers Jorge and jose masthe first of them is also president of Real Zaragoza) pursued the signing of the Argentinian star and finally this time they succeeded by beating a huge offer from Saudi Arabia a nostalgic throwback but hard to pin down Barcelona.

As was the case with the signing of Beckham of the Galaxy, the MLS He also used intelligence and solutions outside the traditional script to ‘catch’ Messi.

The portal The Athletic He confirmed on Tuesday that the league and Apple were on the table to offer the Argentine a share of the benefits generated by new subscribers to the MLS Season Pass streaming service on Apple TV+.

The giant apple and the MLS They signed a deal in 2022 for Apple TV+ to have the rights to the league for 10 years to broadcast all matches worldwide.

The price for Apple? At least 250 million dollars per course, a ‘minutiae’ for a technology liner that only in the last semester between October and March obtained benefits of 54,158 million.

On the other hand, adidaswho has been very close with Messi since he was young and has seen all 29 MLS teams, also suggested sharing with the player a portion of the benefits gained from his arrival in MLS for merchandising.

Also, there is a possibility that Messi offers an option similar to the Beckham to own a team in the future.

There is no doubt that the league will grow significantly with Messi in terms of merchandising, ticket sales (prices to see Inter Miami have gone through the roof), advertising revenue, presence on social networks and as a magnet for attracting other balls. talents.

But Messi it also has a lot to gain from a Miami with a large Latino market and, in particular, with two very important calendar events that will take place in the US: the Copa América that will be held there in 2024 and, above all, the World Cup. of 2026 to organize together USA, Mexico and Canada.

Source: La Verdad


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