Del Bosque: “I hope the Spanish owners think about the fans”


Former coach Vicente del Bosque referred this Wednesday to Espanyol and its relegation to the Second, the statements he made during the presentation of the Caryosa campaign “You can also save a life with a defibrillator”, which aims to raise social awareness about the Importance of using defibrillators and knowing how to act in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

In statements to Grada Ràdio, Del Bosque lamented that the cries of the fans remain on deaf ears and their complaints are ignored when it comes to making decisions, as happened with the parakeet fans and the management led by Mister Chen.

“It seems that things have changed in the teams, the romanticism has disappeared and other interests are in charge. But I hope that the people who buy Spanish think of the fans. What does not disappear are things like the dressing room, that essence, there are things that evolve, but personal relationships always continue”, the former coach told Grada.

Regarding the option that Joselu will end up signing for Real Madrid, Del Bosque is clear that the Galician will fit in Ancelotti’s team. “If Madrid thinks it’s convenient, of course he can play there; he’s 33 years old, but that shouldn’t be a demerit, why can’t he go to the white club with his qualities and values?” he pointed out.

Source: La Verdad


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