Pep Guardiola also celebrates the treble in Brescia


Pep Guardiola also celebrates the treble in Brescia

As reported by Corriere della Sera and as reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, a week after winning the Champions League and the treble with City of Manchester (the first in the said club and the third in the career of Pep Guardiola as coach), the former coach of Barcelona He lived through another celebration but this time in Italy, at a surprise dinner this Saturday with his former teammates Bresciawhere he played as a player in two periods: 2001-02 (after leaving the Barcelona) and 2003 (from Rome). Guardiola played on Brescia next to Roberto Baggio and on the orders of Carlo Mazzone.

Always according to the said media, after the surprise dinner Pep Guardiola He spent the night in Brescia and began his return journey. starting this monday Pep said He will be the godfather and one of the participants in the fifth edition of the golf ‘Puma Legends Trophy’, which will be played at the Empordà Golf Club on June 19, 20 and 21.

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So it refers to Bresciathe team’s historical (and current) manager Eduardo Piovaniclose friend of Pep Guardiolaarranged a surprise dinner for him at the Laboratorio Lanzani restaurant.

In attendance were Alessandro Calori, Dario Dainelli, Amedeo Mangoni, Andrea Sussi, Emananuele Filippini (who, as assistant coach to Carmine Nunziata, finished second in the U-20 World Cup), Massimiliano Esposito, Luca Castellazzi and Federico Giunti, as well as the former director Bresci sportsman, Gianluca Nani. Short Roberto Baggiolocated in Argentina.

Source: La Verdad


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