Alonso: “Red Bull is not far away”


“The tires didn’t go all the way in the window because it was colder than Friday and we were slipping a lot. I expected more or less what we have now. It is difficult to maintain the grip and the temperature in the tires. ANDGrip is quick and that explains why the difference (in 2nd) isn’t that big. And we have some safety vehicles.”, taught by Max Verstappen this Sunday after winning the Canadian F1 GP. He downplayed the big step forward Aston Martin has taken in Canada with its new upgrade package. Alonso had to fight Hamilton for a bad start. Without it, Max would probably be closer to Fernando. Alonso was 2nd, 9 seconds behind the Dutchman. But, above all, it was good to see that Max could not lose 20 or 30 seconds like in other appointments and that Alonso not only matched the Dutchman’s times for a large part of the race, he also managed to improve the this. .

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“I think this is our most competitive race”said Fernando Alonso on ‘DAZN F1’. “It’s not far. I think it was our most competitive race. Just 9 seconds behind Red Bull (from Verstappen), doing his same time for most of the race. But we really had to push it to the limitvery close to the walls, under braking, I think the car too… we have to do a little ‘lift and coast’, lift a little at the end of the straight because I think everyone is going to the limit now” , he told Fernando with a big smile, happily in the ‘ointment’.

“We hope we can put a better face at Red Bull but we lost a position at the start with Lewis and I have to fight with them”, he added regarding Red Bull and Mercedes.

Mike Krack: “I think we’re closer than ever”

Meanwhile, Mike Krack, Aston Martin Team Principal, is very optimistic: “Closer to Red Bull? I think. It is encouraging because we have reduced the gap a bit”.
“The improvements are working as we expected them and that makes us happy. Everything is working and now we have to work on the following”, added Krack. Verstappen talks about the temperatures, but the fact is that Aston Martin not only beat Mercedes, it also got close to Red Bull on a track full of straights. Good news for Alonso.

“It’s a very intense race”

Fernando Alonso was smiling and happy after the appointment. He was happy because of the small degradation on the track, which allowed him, Verstappen and Hamilton to fight for their position without a break, pushing everyone to what he referred to as “70 qualifying laps”.

“It was a very intense race, because there were 70 qualifying laps today, there was no time to rest. We lost position at the start with Lewis (Hamilton), then we tried to overtake him, which made the strategy easier later when we were in front, and then at the end, when we went with the hard and he was with medium, he (Hamilton) has a bit of rhythm. And when I thought the race was more stable and would end like this, with me 2nd and Hamilton 3rd, I wasn’t sure and we had to push the limit again. They became very strong rivals and it was a race to push all the time. I liked it”he declared.

“That’s why I enjoy the race, because it’s like doing 70 laps against the clock, with one car ahead of you by a second or two and another car behind by a second or two. And no one gives up,” he added.

In the last part, Alonso had to put your foot up for an alleged problem with your vehicle. “They didn’t tell me, maybe not to worry. The car felt good but I followed the instructions. Hopefully that means we have some speed and next time we can put more pressure on Max. Yes, Mike Krack was more clear about it: “We thought we had a small problem with the fuel system and we wanted to make sure, not risk. Maybe it was a false alarm but we couldn’t risk it.”

Source: La Verdad


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