The Saudi geopolitical influence on the Premier: Mendy and Ziyech, sales through commitment


The current reality of the Premier League is seriously relevant in geopolitics and capitalism. Ownership of Premier League teams is about to cross the red line and the English competition is about to become a business diversification tool for the world’s great powers. Those behind investing in sports clubs are no longer just businessmen. Now, although they hide it under investment funds and institutions turn a blind eye, they are rich countries the doings in great teams.

Among them, the territory that has sounded the most in recent months above the Premier League is Saudi Arabia. His influence on clubs such as newcastle, but there is more behind what the fan sees. The political maneuvers of the British government and other countries clearly mark the future of English clubs. Among them, the Chelsea. Although, sometimes, it’s good for teams to have overseas support behind them. Exiting is easier when you have enough economic power to do so.

Double standards in the Premier League

The Premier League behaved in an exemplary manner when war broke out Ukraine. But, before, it allowed the Russian oligarchs to make all kinds of moves within the competition. Russian owners have increased the competitive economic level of their clubs more than others. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Premier allowed the Russian owners. However, they are not doing the same to their new allies, the Saudis, after the humanitarian disaster in Yemen.

The Athletic revealed several emails from the British government prior to the Saudi takeover of Newcastle in which they mentioned “danger” that Newcastle blocked the deal with the Saudis. Those messages said that, if the transaction did not take place, it could damage Britain’s relationship with the country.

The Reuben brothers, donors to the Conservative Party, have a stake in Newcastle’s new ownership group. So, English fans believe that this move is partly a Tory operation, or at least the British Government. So, they said, they and Saudi Arabia will benefit. It seems increasingly clear that the British Government has a genuine interest where great fortunes deposited their money in Great Britain to strengthen their international relations.

Club-state, a hidden truth behind Premier regulations

He PIF is the investment and savings fund of the state of Saudi Arabia and is behind the purchase of shares of Premier clubs. But they try disguise whose movements are carried out without any relation to the states. At least in soccer, because golf is not the same.

The PIF created a golf tour to compete with the PGA tours. Now, the PIF finds itself embroiled in a legal battle against the PGA Tour. in golf, PIF claims to be a state-owned fund so that its officials, including Newcastle chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan, do not have to testify in this case. Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, a foreign sovereign may be immune from the jurisdiction of US courts. Yes, in football PIF claims no connection with the State because the Premier regulation does not allow a country behind the ownership of a club.

Geopolitics marks the future of Koulibaly, Ziyech, Mendy and Hudson-Odoi

The reality of Chelsea has always been marked by the political influence of its owners. In 2003, Roman Abramovich bought the set blue using foreign currency. In addition, the businessman gradually took over various properties and businesses in the city of London. Until it stopped being interesting.

According to journalist James Nalton, from the Morning Star, in Saudi Arabia he may be behind a part of Chelsea’s property. This journalist assures that the PIF “has invested in the majority owner of ChelseaClearlake Capital.” “Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly visited Saudi Arabia this month and now Chelsea are selling high-earning, unwanted players to these teams,” Nalton said.

Thus, Saudi Arabia will help Chelsea get rid of its most expensive players, who have contracts remaining and the London team cannot afford the said payments. Theirs, they are about to leave Kalidou Koulibaly, Hakim Ziyech, Édouard Mendy and Callum Hudson-Odoi. These four names will end up, almost certainly, playing for one of the big four Saudis next season. PIF invested money in those four teams.

It all came together in the Premier League. An inflated market as a result of the influx of Saudi capital, the geopolitical interests of the British state and issues beyond sports.

Source: La Verdad


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