“I had opportunities and I didn’t measure up”


Eneko Chapel (Donostia, 1995) faces his fifth season with Greek Asteras Tripoli. The San Sebastian footballer is trying to continue enjoying football after suffering a serious knee injury where he is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A member of the important generation of ’95, the ex-realist reviews for MD his career as txuri urdin and the “unforgettable” experience of the Youth League 13/14 of which he was a part.

How is life?

I’m in Greece. We finished early last season, in May. They gave us six weeks leave and on June 26 we had to go back. We have passed the medical tests every summer and we have done some training, but now, Monday, we will start working more seriously.

how is the season

The past is bad, both individually and collectively. I face the current with great enthusiasm, eager to get things right and see if the injuries respect me.

Has the serious knee injury sustained in 2020 been forgotten?

As a result of breaking my cross, I had some physical problems. After an injury like this, it’s often the case that you hurt yourself more than usual. I’ve been there for three years and now I look back on it, but it was worth it to me. It’s a shame because I think I’m doing everything I can to be the best I can be.

When a footballer suffers an injury as significant as yours, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Unfortunately, I have teammates who have gone through these injuries, but they are very strong and I try to follow their example. I want to remember Martín Merquelanz, who suffers from an unpleasant situation, but does not give up. My goal is always to recover as soon as possible. These things happen in football and it happened to me. That’s it.

Are you one of those footballers who eats your head?

Nope. There are times when I have ups and downs and in bad times, I remember that play, that action and I think that if that hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in. You have to try to get the positive side of things. I think I’m learning a lot about myself, it’s helping me become stronger. You always have to look ahead.

Have you lost your illusion?

Nope. I am not lost in the illusion. When I see the team playing and I don’t participate, I get jealous. But that illusion never went away. I love soccer, I love to play. I’ve been doing it since I was little and the illusion is to keep playing, give my best version and learn as much as possible.

In the distance, how do you see Real?

I am very happy to see Real in the Champions League. I have very good memories of the last time he played in that competition. But most of all, I enjoy watching them play. This is something that should be appreciated very positively because there are few teams, not only in Spain but also in the world, that play well and make the fans so happy.

How do you remember your time in the Real first team?

It’s like something beautiful. In my first year at Sanse, it’s true that I climbed a lot to train. I debuted that year. I gave everything to try to stay in the first team. This is football and people make decisions. They’ve given me opportunities to be, I haven’t gotten a grade yet and that’s it. I accepted it naturally. Many people, many footballers. I didn’t make the move, but I’m very happy with the work done. I don’t regret not giving more to get there because I think I gave everything to try to stay.

Did the fact that so much was said about Eneko Capilla have a negative influence on your performance?

I do not believe. I always tried to run away from everything. I rarely use social media. Thank God my family has always instilled in me the values ​​of respect, education, and humility. I’m a bit far from everyone. Maybe it didn’t affect me. I always try to do my best. If I haven’t been able to stay in the first team, it’s because others believe I don’t have the level and that’s it. I don’t think I was negatively affected by the fact that they talked about me so much.

Besides your debut, what other memories do you have that you will never forget as a Real player?

I prefer the debut, I prefer the other two games I played against Granada and against Atlético. Every training session and every call motivates me. The first game I went to on a trip was at the Mestalla. We were 19 and in the end I stayed in the stand, but I have very good memories of that moment even though I didn’t make it into the 18 selected for the match. But the fact of being there is a wonderful memory.

And to forget Augusto’s ugly behavior, right?

I don’t stay as something negative. I am lucky enough to play one more game at Real, to play on a historic field against a real team and I will stay there. Injuries are part of football. I didn’t think too much about it. I would have preferred to play one more game with Real and played at the Calderón.

From your experience playing in a Youth League, what message would you give to those doing it today?

Above all, that they enjoy from minute one, from the moment they get on the bus in Zubieta to go to the airport until they arrive at their destination, visit the city, eat together… that they enjoy everything this, that they do not put any pressure on themselves because it is not allowed to be a game and you have to enjoy it. Make the most of it because this is an experience that few will live.

Source: La Verdad


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