South African players boycott


South African players boycott

The South African team soccer team, in the World Cup group of Sweden, Argentina and Italy, boycotted yesterday a friendly preparation match against botswana in Johannesburg. This forced the coach of the African team, Desiree Ellis, to put together a team with a 13-year-old player from a local team.

The reason for the soccer players’ boycott is because of the unacceptable conditions on the pitch and their fear of getting injured as a result and with the World Cup just around the corner. However, according to ‘France24’, a member of the South African federation does not share the opinion of the internationals, whom he described as “traitors” and “mercenaries”.

Another of the reasons that can cause players to refuse to play that friendly is the decision of their own federation not to pay the part of what FIFA gives them. In this sense, the treasurer of the federation criticized them again: “They are not reasonable in their demands.”

Source: La Verdad


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