Juventus, forced to sell Vlahovic today


Unless the situation takes another unexpected turn, Romelu Lukaku will not sign for Inter, after the good performance he offered last season while on loan, despite the fact that the Milanese club has finally come to an agreement with Chelsea, the owner of his rights.

Now the Belgian striker, 30, seems to be closer to Juventus but it was forced to sell as soon as possible to Dusan Vlahovic, of 23, to invest half of the 80 million euros he plans to enter for the transfer of the Serb in the acquisition of Lukaku.

In fact, Juventus’ offer to Chelsea for Lukaku will be 37.5 million fixed euros plus 2.5 in variablesbut it will have an expiration date because it will be subject to the Turin club transferring Vlahovic before August 4.

But what could be Vlahovic’s fate? And will Juventus soon find a way for him? There aren’t too many options on the market today.

Chelsea, PSG and Arabia, options for Vlahovic

Although a switch operation was rumored and apparently weeks ago Chelsea have spoken to Juventus about Vlahovicit is not clear that the London club is really interested in the Serbian striker.

Another option is the Paris Saint-Germain, whose interest in Vlahovic remains although it has not tabled an official offer and has barely started talks.

Nor should we forget the track of Saudi Arabia, ready to continue integrating world-class footballers and it is not ruled out that he will launch an offensive for both Vlahovic and Lukaku. The next few days should decide the future of both going forward.

Source: La Verdad


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