Alcaraz live his coronation dinner: “Now I’m going back to Murcia to be a normal kid”


Carlos Alcaraz Arrived at dinner of champions after 23:00 in London. The venue, a warehouse located in Wimbledon Park, near the All England Club, has been converted into a nightclub. There is the best of the best in British tennis and the champions of all the titles this year at Wimbledon, led by an Alcaraz accompanied by his family and closest people.

The Murcian entered the room before midnight, as the last guest to arrive. No one should blame him. After finishing the final with Novak Djokovic, the man from Murcia had to go through the trophy ceremony, receive congratulations from the Princes of Wales, get a tour of the club from the president, Ian Hewitt, talk to the King Felipe VI and attended the media.

By the time the dinner starts, 8:30 in London, Alcaraz has yet to go through a press conference. Less change. All family members and members of the Murcian team entered the changing rooms in the center court one by one to dress in various suits for the tournament. While they waited for Carlos, they took the opportunity to take a photo next to the pictures of the winners that decorate the locker room and this year’s champions still don’t have a name.

Ferrero received calls, Carlos Sr., congratulations, and the brothers met to plan the night. Alcaraz will be the last to join and dress himself in his Louis Vuitton suit, one of his newest sponsors.

surprisingly, the family arrived at dinner more than an hour before Alcaraz, that he kept his promises and that, when he arrived at the restaurant, he received some protocol instructions to know what to do. They handed him the champion’s cup, which a few moments ago was displayed next to Marketa Vondrousova’s Venus Plate for guests to take photos, and in his hands he saw in the distance how a video was shown on giant screens with the best. moment of his contest. At the moment of victory, a smile escaped him.

After a while, he came to her table and led her in a champion walk where several “handsome, handsome” were heard from the crowd. He placed the trophy on a plinth and sat down to a quick dinner.

Unlike other occasions, due to the rigor of the program, there was no dance with the champion, the Czech Vondrousova.

The evening, with Alcaraz already in his seat, began with Hewitt giving a speech of thanks, in which he highlighted Roger Federer’s visit to the tournament and Alcaraz’s victory in the semifinals against Medvedev, and continued with the champions on the podium, microphone in hand. .

There, Vondrousova admitted that she had already decided on the tattoo to make on her coach for victory at Wimbledon: a strawberry, and Alcaraz spoke again about her victory.

“It’s crazy,” the Spaniard said to laughter from the audience. “Coming back from 6-1 against Novak is something you can’t believe. It makes it even more special for a legend of our sport to win,” added Alcaraz, who also detailed his next plans.

“Tomorrow I have work, but I fly to Murcia in the evening. I’ll be at home, I’ll take a vacation, a few days off as needed, and I’ll go back to Murcia to feel like a normal boy again.”

In his speech there is also a reminder to his parents, Charles and Virginia: “Without them I wouldn’t be here”and in Juan Carlos Ferrerowho cried when he was hugged in the box: “He is my second father, thanks to him I am the person and the player I am.”

In the short chat, the Murcian broke down some additional details of his conversation with King Felipe VI. “Almost,” he said when asked if they were friends. “The truth is that it’s incredible that he’s here. I talked to him a little and the truth is that I’m more nervous about him than about the finals.”

With no time for more, Alcaraz received the replica trophy to take home, but Carlos Alcaraz did not take it, but neither Jaime Alcarazher ten-year-old brother who was given a box containing a replica of the girl from the organization.

As Alcaraz rushed his last second to the party, everyone in attendance lined up to take pictures with him. From doubles champion Neal Skupski to wheelchair winner Tokito Oda, going through other former champions, players’ children, etc.

The night was quick, but intense, and served for Alcaraz to show once again how helpful he is. Despite being prompted to leave, he didn’t leave anyone without his picture and left with a champion smile. champion at Wimbledon.

Source: La Verdad


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