Mallorca handily defeated a weak JW Ried II of the Austrian Third Division: (0-9)


Real Mallorca had no problem this Monday to defeat JW Ried II, a team from the Regionalliga Centrale (Austrian Third Division) by a heavy 0-9, in the second friendly of the pre-season conducted by the Balearic team on Austrian land .

It was an easy game for Javier Aguirre’s men. In fact, in the 11th minute, Mallorca won 0-2, with goals from Manu Morlanes and Abdón Prats and just after the first half hour, Amath N’Diaye took advantage of a great play by Miguelito (Mallorca B player) to extend the lease. A new goal from Abdón Prats closed the first half in a resounding 0-4 and in the face of the weakness of an opponent that was too soft.

JW Ried II



JUNGE WICKINGER RIED II: Stöger, Julian, Oguzhan, Wimmer, Sammer, Özdemir, Steinmann, Obernberger, Lukic, Aljiji and Niklas.

Also played: Samardzic, Liu Shaoziyang, Velecky, Purkovic, Kordic, Mesic, Ackay, Kraft, Bernauer.

ROYAL MAJORCA: Dominik Greif, Miguelito, Marcos Fernández, David López, Martin Valjent, Jaume Costa, Baba, Manu Morlanes, Antonio Sánchez, Amath N’Diaye and Abdón Prats.

They also played (second part): Rajkovic, Pablo Maffeo, Toni Lato, Copete, Josep Gayà, Gio González, Omar Mascarell, Daniel Luna, Dani Rodríguez, Javi Llabrés and Vedat Muriqi. (Quintanilla by Toni Lato).

THE OBJECTIVES: 0-1, Manu Morlanes (3′); 0-2, Abdon Prats (11′); 0-3, Amath N’Diaye (33); 0-4, Abdon Prats (39′); 0-5, Vedat Muriqi (46′); 0-6, Vedat Muriqi (53′); 0-7, Daniel Luna (penalty) (57′); 0-8, Josep Gaya (65′); 0-9, Javi Llabrés (72′)

REFEREE: Rene Felix Kettlgruber. He shows Niklas a yellow card (minute 39).

INCIDENTS: Daxl Arena Andorf (Upper Austria). Real Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre has left midfielder Clement Grènier out of the squad, who could leave the club. Neither is Antonio Raíllo, who is recovering from his injury in Mallorca.

see the match sheet

After the break, Aguirre put together a completely different eleven and early on, Muriqi made it 0-5. The Kosovar would score again a few minutes later and took advantage of a good cross from Maffeo (0-6), and young Daniel Luna made it 0-7 a penalty committed by the Austrian defense against the same Colombian player. Against a young and inexperienced rival, Mallorca continued to poke at the wound and Josep Gayà, with a header, made it 0-8, while Javi Llabrés, with a powerful shot, made it 0-9 .

They would have made it 0-10, but Vedat Muriqi hit the post with a penalty taken by the local defense against Javi Llabrés.

Source: La Verdad


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