"Without a good project, no one can make money"


Mark Senna (45) is part of the history of Villarreal and its spectacular transformation over the last decade. The Brazilian, Institutional Relations of the club and Ambassador of LaLiga, experienced the bitter taste of relegation in 2012 but now he is enjoying the honey of success that he himself has experienced as a player at Corinthians, Villarreal himself and as an international in Spanish

Congratulations on the Villarreal season. How would you rate it?

A good season. Obviously you want more but you need to appreciate what you have experienced. This is a huge merit on the part of the club, of the players and of Emery. I would rate the season as outstanding. Before starting, I thought about a Cup final or being higher in the League, but never about reaching the semi-finals in the Champions League.

It has been 10 years since the last relegation, when now the club is at its best historical moment. You are alive. How do you remember it?

We had a very bad dynamics, we were about to save ourselves but we didn’t add the point that we were missing. We did not enter the relegation zone until shortly before the last game against Atlético. It was a horrible feeling. We didn’t know what happened in the other games, there was a strange silence in the stadium and when I asked … I felt like I was sick and going to death.

What has made this change possible in 10 years?

We continued with a line of work we already had before. The ability to promote next year will be decisive because it can be complicated. Villarreal is a different club when it comes to work and belief. We are on our feet and we will continue like this. Many say the club has money but things are not going well. Without a good project, this ascending line is not possible. Our motto is work, humility and making small steps in the history of the club.

Do you want to be born after 15 years to experience it all?

I’m already living it, I’m still linked to the club! At the level of play, being on the field, I didn’t miss it. One more thing, I can say the same thing I experienced. In my career I have experienced it all. I speak for myself, maybe others want to repeat … Man, one would like to live that again but I don’t feel like playing anymore (laughs).

How would you describe in one word this change that the team has experienced?

Worked. There is no other word.

You have been very present in these 10 years. How do you work? What is the spirit of the club?

It’s like a family and we already have a method at work. Everyone comes, whether player, coach or any employee, feel at home and everyone is given everything because the club always tries to give the best for every worker. That union is what raises us.

All of these successes come with pressure. Is it weighty or compelling?

We needed this first title and we took a backpack over our shoulders. History has no debt. On the other hand, we have internal pressure, but the fans are pushing us. Pressure, what is pressure, we don’t have. Rather motivation.

Is Emery the man who can take them to the top?

Yes, now I see nothing else. We are very excited about it. He has a gift and hopefully he will last for many more years.

Where does the future go? What are the keys to the future of the club and the team?

Continue the same dynamic. We work and if we need to sign, it will be signed. All participants are welcome. But we can’t change more, there is always the ambition to continue making history.

What were the correct names that made this Villarreal possible?

The president, Fernando Roig. He is the key to running this ship. He has a different perspective.

You may be from Barca in 2008, why didn’t you do it?

I heard a lot of gossip, and had real interest, but eventually they decided on Mascherano.

Source: La Verdad


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