‘Remuro’ rewrote history


‘Remuro’ rewrote history

These Real’s defensive figures are dazzling and one of its main architects, Alex RemiroSi, who was renamed ‘Remuro’, monopolized records and records making him one of the reference goalkeepers in the modern history of txuri urdin. He is already an absolute record holder. And it is that no goalkeeper in the entire history of the League has been able to keep his goal at zero in 14 home games as Cascante has done so far this season. 14 against 17! without having to take the ball from his goal. already passed oblakwho on three occasions reached 13 against his own clergy without intent against, Abbondanzieri (12), Valdes (12 at Courtois (12), to mention only those in the 20th century.

In addition, La Real managed not to receive a goal in 20 of the 36 league games played (55.5%), a score equal to the best in the entire history of the entity, achieved in the 1979/80 campaign. So it is Arconada the only ‘culprit’. This course, the main became Remiro (19), with little collaboration of Ryan (one).

The numbers you have achieved Remiro in these three campaigns at Real they were impressive: 124 goals were received in 120 official games (on average 1.03 per game) and a whopping 50 clean sheets (41.6%) of games. Extraordinary.

Source: La Verdad


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