A Bayern-Leipzig with Kane as the star


Harry Kane came from being the opening act for German Super Cup to the main vocalist of a party where in principle it is as the main characters Bayern Munich and RB Leipzigwith the first title of the season at stake and giving the starting signal to German football.

Yesterday was a true madness in Bavarian dynamics. They are more concerned with what is happening in Munich than what is happening in London. Harry Kanewho had to catch an early morning flight after deciding on Bayern, was left wanting to fly as he was about to catch the ‘private jet’ and received a call from Tottenham refusal of permission to board and travel to Germany.

Until ‘spurs’ repeated the operation twice, with the main motive to renegotiate the conditions at Bayern when everything was closed on Thursday, in an agreement that will exceed 100 million euros and supposedly satisfied the English side. Finally, Kane, almost out of patience, boarded the afternoon plane with his wife and landed in Munich, ending a strange situation.

Leipzig, poisoned rival

Now focused on the meeting, the mistake of Bayern to Kane it can be very expensive because his rival is a leipzig much has been improved and that has been put into practice this summer. was unable to maintain Guardiolbut he did it in Dani Olmo, who will be the leader of a team with a string of new players and ready to fight to end the dominance of the German giant. So the two of them can go together up front, like Openda and Sesko, although the latter plays in the post with Werner. The sure starter is Baumgartner and it seems close for Simons, as he has the casualties of Haidara and Bitshiabu.

He Bayern still part as a favorite. But there is a problem with the goal. Ulrich He was the only goal available after Sommer left and Neuer was injured. To this was added the preoccupation of Müller and Choupo-Monting, with Tel being the only asset up front. Kim, Musiala and Sané, the great attractions.

Source: La Verdad


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