A risk signing


La Real can afford to take risks, of course. How are you and his team gained the legitimacy not to bet their insurance and gamble on a footballer whose performance could be spectacular or mediocre. He went out to ask for a mouthful Isaac -three campaigns at a high level and historical sales- and frog with satan; but the Swede left almost 60 million euros of income in the box, in addition to 44 goals, and Real lost around two of the French center-back. If in the end it goes to Real as they hope to Anoeta, great Arsen Zakharyan it’s a risky bet. If he confirms as txuri urdin what he taught that he can be in Russia, maybe Real has caught another white blackbird, a supplier of goals, assists and millions in the future. Of course, if it doesn’t work, it will be a drag like other signings where Real will have to pay. Other footballers like, perhaps, Van de Beek, they can give a greater guarantee of performance -more veteran, more ‘European’-, but if they chose Russian Armenian origin it is for a reason. They saw the brilliance that characterizes the ‘players’, that transcends borders, languages, cultures, prejudices… The footballer has to earn sweat on the field and in training, where he can see his ‘great truth’ , with the man who can lift him to the sky or ‘crush’ if he doesn’t perform, Imanol Alguacil. In the same way, managers are sweating their shirts in a negotiation full of complications due to war, restrictions, the language and the greed of those who want to take advantage of it economically.

Source: La Verdad


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