Historic ascent of the Alhama


Randri García’s seal their leap to the elite of Spanish women’s football and the party breaks loose in Pozoblanco

It happened since last week, when Alhama defeated CF ElPozo Elche (3-0) in their fortress at the Guadalentín Complex and Cacereño punctured their field against La Solana (0-0). A point was missing to mathematically determine the promotion to the First Division of the Azulonas, but it was not even necessary for Randri García’s side to add that when they left for Pozoblanco (Córdoba). Before jumping onto the field to face Pozoalbense, the party broke out among the Alhameño fans who accompanied the team to Córdoba, as Cacereño’s draw (2-2) in Albacete confirmed the Alhameño team’s historic success.

From Autonomous to First in Ten Years. The project that Randri García and his father, Antonio García Águila, started all over again in 2012, finally hit the air. Barcelona, ​​​​​​Real Sociedad, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Granadilla Tenerife, Athletic Club de Bilbao, Sevilla, Real Betis, Alavés, Villarreal, Sporting de Huelva, Madrid CFF and Valencia will spend next season in Alhama, a city with 22,000 inhabitants that it will be the first in the region to have an elite women’s football team.

Laura Martínez, Mutri, Lena, Judith Caravaca, Mariela Coronel, Andrea Carid, Noelia Salazar, Paulita, Violeta Quiles, Africa González, Helena Torres, Nerea Vicente, Daniela Arques, Ángela, Paula González, Sara Rubio, Marina Martí and Laura Sánchez the squad of an Alhama CF ElPozo team that has dominated the southern group of the Reto Iberdrola league with an iron fist.

This morning there is a reception for the champions at the Alhama fairground and the club is preparing several events for next Sunday’s home game against Santa Teresa de Badajoz. The Badajoz, Córdoba and Granada were the great rivals of the azulonas in the battle to go to First, but the truth is that Randri’s have signed a huge season, they are unbeaten at the Guadalentín complex since November 2020 and have certified his promotion on the penultimate day.

The entity Alhameña is already preparing the future. For their historic debut in Primera, the aim is to revamp the current squad and bring in six or seven players with top-level experience. It is clear that sustainability is the sole aim of Randri García’s men in their debut in the Iberdrola League. 1.5 million euros is the minimum budget needed to participate in the First Division and that is the money that Alhama CF ElPozo needs next year. The club has one year to redesign the field. It is artificial grass and you have to lay natural grass. In addition, more stands should be placed.

Source: La Verdad


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