Marquez explained "I feel good, but I’m not driving well"


Marc Márquez, who will start tenth on the starting grid for the MotoGP French Grand Prix, acknowledged that his current situation is “difficult. In Europe, on narrower circuits, we suffer more. You have to brake on a small space and there are accelerations “Pol will go in one direction and I will go in another to try to improve the bike. I also need to improve my ride. I feel good physically, but I didn’t ride well. ”

He stressed that “it’s hard mainly because, if you’re at a peak, then you’ll do tests and more tests and it’s immediately clear, but when you also need to strive to keep improving your driving , everyone is equal. it’s harder, but that’s the game now. “

“At Jerez, I took more risks when it came to trying things out, but I haven’t and I just stayed with what I wanted,” said the Repsol rider, who says he tried a few ‘little things’ but I saw that it wasn’t and I went back and that was it. “

“You have to focus on what you have and try to get 100 percent and with that I have reached where I have reached so far, and tomorrow we will try to take another step forward, but we will have to wait for the next races. to see. if we can find something weird or see if something weird is coming to Japan to take another step and be closer to the first three, which is, above all, the fastest to go “, Márquez explained.

The three, the three on the podium in Jerez (Bagnaia, Quartararo and Aleix Espargaró), the three are just a step away, then there’s a second group that when you get lost, you’re there and if not, that’s it. it costs you more and you can finish sixth or seventh, which are positions which we finished recently ”, the Repsol Honda rider acknowledges accordingly.

RHe recognized that this Saturday was clearly from more to less: “It’s true that this morning my speed. Before following Fabio, times went well. In the fourth free session, the sensations were not good. I crashed trying to understand where to go hard. Then, in qualifying, the sensations were worse… It becomes easier to be realistic. If it’s harder and harder to be close to the first, if every time you fall … It’s not surprising to be tenth. “

The wheel was borrowed by Quartararo and the handshake at the end of FP3 said that “Quartararo is clear about it. In my younger days (laughs), when I was clear about it I didn’t care who follow me. Quartararo is in that mode now. He knows I I’m not here to challenge him to victory and he’s in championship mode. He shoots and he’s good. I try not to get in the way. I follow him and, if you take advantage of it, you take advantage of it, and if you have the speed, that’s in. afternoon I tried a bit and I saw I had no speed.I saw that the probability of falling was very large and that would change from tenth to eighth … I thought to take my hundred percent and tomorrow let’s see if there is another sensation. “

Referring to the possibility of rain on race day, Marc Márquez pointed out: “The story won’t change much, it’s true that with the rain the whole range opens up, the range of possible great races, of falling, of taking more risks or even suffering and a long career in the water because it’s very uncomfortable “.

“If we think the career is dry, with a good start I think we can be fifth, sixth or seventh, and have a great career, we can be ahead, that would be a gift, or farther, hopefully no “commented Marquez.

Source: La Verdad


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