Worst moment at the US Open: “I’m sick of disabling them…”


The most recognizable feature of the Kazakh nationalized Russian tennis player alexander bublik it’s his kamikaze tendency to indulge in spooning serves, underneath.

But he is also part of the list of ‘bad boys’ on the ATP Tour. He can leave a match without giving any explanations, break rackets, fight with a fan and also interact with a rival.

There are no limits for this talented but very erratic tennis player. He crossed the line this time at the US Open with a very disrespectful, nasty comment.

He launched his tirade in his native language, Russian. Social media helped ensure that the English translation did not let this chapter go unnoticed.

Bublik lost the first set, was on course to drop the second after nearly an hour of play against the 2020 US Open champion, the Austrian Dominic Thiem.

“I’m sick of putting people with disabilities back in their careers,” he said at the time Thiemwho don’t know or don’t want to do it, bring it out.

No. 3, but fell from the elite due to a wrist injury he suffered in June 2021. He earned his first US Open win against Bublik since defeating the German in the 2020 final Alexander Zverev. It had been two years since he won a Grand Slam, snapping a seven-game losing streak.

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Source: La Verdad


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