Nastasic will return to Mallorca


Nastasic will return to Mallorca

The Serbian player Matia Nastasic (30 years old, Valjevo, Serbia) will be -in the absence of confirmation from the club- a new player of Royal Majorcaafter leaving the entity at the end of last season due to the failure to reach a renewal agreement.

The defender, without a team, has now returned to the team he leads Javier Aguirre to alleviate the fall Antonio Raillolong term damage.

nastasic He is training this summer with a Serbian team and when he arrives in Palma he will sign his one-year contract and join the Mallorcan squad.

The central defender was never an undisputed starter in his previous spell at Royal Majorcaalthough he knows very well the system of the game (five defenses) that he applies Aguirre. Now he’s back to increase the number of defenders, but he knows it’s not a priority.

Source: La Verdad


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