Two blows from Tenerife leave superior Albacete without a prize


Two blows of CD Tenerife In the first half they left forced Albacete Balompié which was clearly superior to the Tenerife team except for the final score.

The optimistic initial expectations of CD Tenerife were not only not met, but the start of the island team was worrying, because of their impressions and their irritability, unlike their rival in Albacete who gave their team a whole kind of dominance . first quarter of an hour.

But this pressure did not produce positive results for the La Mancha team, firstly because of a clear occasion where Soriano, and then, in almost the first local invasion of the area being visited, which culminated in Riki’s dismissal of Luismi, and allowed Galician (m.17) score from the penalty spot.

The men from La Mancha did not give up in front of this difficulty, on the contrary, they persevered until they scored through Agus in the goal, after a rebound from Highlander (m.24), but the goal was disallowed by the referee when he considered a foul by the visiting goal attacker.

Albacete’s woes worsened considerably after half an hour of play Roberto Lopez He scored the second goal with a low and accurate shot, after receiving a clear advantage from a backheel from Gallego, thus ending a paradoxical first half.

The continuation is not only more balanced but also more contested, but with two slightly different concepts, the visitors are equally patient, and the locals with a little more poise than grass, but there is little or no offensive baggage from both.

A long shot from Fuster (m.59) sent by Soriano for a corner and another Quiles (m.71) who also deflected the goal along the baseline were two of the best chances for La Mancha but had no effect for a point that was finally chosen for the local side despite the power and tenacity of the La Mancha team .




CD Tenerife: Soriano; Aitor Buñuel, José León, Amo, Medrano; Luismi Cruz (Mellot, m.61), Sergio González (Bodiger, m.46), Alexandre, Waldo (Teto, m.76); Roberto López (Mo Dauda, ​​​​​​m.76) and Enric Gallego (Ángel, m.86).

Albacete Balompié: Barnabas; Isaac (Álvaro, m.59), Djetei (Ros, m.59), Glauder, J. Alonso; Juanma (Pacheco, m.71), Riki, Olaetxea, Fuster; Agus Medina (Shashoua, m.71) and Escriche (Quiles, m.59).

The objectives: 1-0, M.17: Enric Gallego, penalty. 2-0, M.36: Roberto López.

Referee: Andrés Fuentes Molina (Valencian Committee). He advised locals Sergio González (m.10) and Enric Gallego (m.14), and visiting coach Rubén Albes (m.33) and his player Riki (m.82).

Incidents: The match on the fifth day of LaLiga Hypermotion was played at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium in front of 17,612 spectators. Before the start of the meeting, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the victims of the Moroccan earthquake. Also, ten representatives of the institutions involved in extinguishing the recent forest fire on the island of Tenerife held the Kick-Off.

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Source: La Verdad


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