Ferrari surprises at the start in Singapore with Leclerc and Sainz in the lead; Alonso, far away


Ferrari He starts to smile, and on Singapore GP, in a high load circuit, that’s news. Only the first free practice sessions of the season were held. F1 Singapore GP 2023, with the track still in unrepresentative conditions as the session started before nightfall and with very dirty asphalt still progressing every minute and will continue to do so as the cars continue to roll. However, it is representative Ferrari started off on a very good foot.

A step back from the red car is expected with respect to the good performance of those of Maranello at home with Sainz on pole and in the Sunday podium fight Leclerc. There they are the second best car. It seems difficult for him to repeat on a route like Marina Bay street, opposite of monza. In Italy, Ferrari can take advantage of its best qualities: maximum speed and engine power. And in Singapore, then how much Ferrari suffered Zandvoort With their highly loaded package, not much is expected of them. Yes, Alonso expected it, and he announced it on Thursday. And Sainz revealed that Ferrari learned a lot from what happened at Zandvoort and it could pay off. But what was seen in Free Practice 1 was still a big surprise.

We don’t know if Ferrari will compete on pole. But right now he started a double in Free Practice 1. Charles Leclerc prevailed with an advantage of 78 thousandths Carlos Sainzwith the Verstappen 3rd, 0″126 behind the Monegasque. The times are not representative, but the ease achieved by the people of Maranello and the good feeling of the two drivers in their cars. So both of them, after their qualifying simulations, the radio asked to do the third lap on the same compound, a sign that they felt very good with that car, that the breakdown was good and that they didn’t want to change. settings.

Ferrari had to confirm its feelings in a more representative Free Practice 2, with the night closing in and the presence of the moon overhead. To prove their good speed in a turn (at racing speed they should lower, like all year), pay attention to Ferrari for the classification. On Sunday it will be difficult to catch up and achieving pole position in Singapore could give the Italians a unique chance against Max.

Attention to McLaren and massive equality

However, you don’t just have to look at Ferrari. Special focus should be placed on McLaren, which surprised by up to 9 major changes to your car in Singapore, the car that has evolved the most on this track. This is the second important evolution of those from Woking after the revolution that took them flying from Silverstone and decided to be the second best car. In Singapore, they can take it one step further. Right now Lando Norris is 4th at 0.172 and the orange cars have to be considered in the fight for pole.

Lewis Hamilton was 5th at 0″190 and George Russell 6th at 0″345. Lewis did not rule out that Singapore was the best chance of the year for his team and the ‘silver arrows’ got off to a great start. Pérez finished in 7th place at 0″375. Just behind, Fernando Alonso, 8th at 0″624.

Alonso, 8th

As Pedro de la Rosa told ‘DAZN F1’, Aston Martin He chose not to look at the start times and use Free Practice 1, with unrepresentative conditions, to collect data on the hard rubber to continue learning about his car for next year. At the end of the session, Alonso put on the soft rubber, still full of fuel, to complete 12 laps and finish 8th.. It is necessary to see if the Asturian can be in a tight fight with Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes.

The car should adapt well to this track but the competition is fierce, huge, and the tenth you can lose 4 or 5 positions at the same time in qualifying. There will be a key to Fernando’s ideals. And also with what can happen in a race on Sunday where safety cars or even an unexpected storm usually appear. So far, in Free Practice 1 several lizards have appeared on the track. Max crossed one. Verstappen was lucky it wasn’t black. It remains to be seen whether luck will be with him or back the Dutchman, who is chasing his 11th straight victory this Sunday.

Source: La Verdad


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