If you have to lose, it’s better this way


Playing at the Santiago Bernabéu, competing against Real Madrid and all that is required and also getting points from there is unlikely. Always. If the white team is better or worse, and if the guest is more or less correct. Real Sociedad knows this well, having fallen in the white temple for years, playing massive and vulgar matches, accepting defeats despite doing a good job, or falling unfairly in the occasional sometimes pushing the locals. Imanol Alguacil It completely changed the perspective of the Txuri Urdin parish before visiting the Madrid stadium. Oriotarra will win and to do so, every year, he makes different plans. And it cannot be said that it has been bad. In their first visit, they won 0-2 in a shocking fashion. On the way to the glorious Cup title, they defeated the Merengue team in Madrid in the quarterfinals by 3-4 with an exhibition. And all in all, just yesterday the balance became unbalanced with defeats. Two wins, two draws and three setbacks. A luggage that is hard to match.

However, and despite the fact that the result was the dominant one, the most important thing that the Orio-Tarran coach achieved was to make his players and his fans believe that competing and winning at the Bernabéu is possible for Real. The team has always been close to scoring points in seven visits to Imanol, and in six of them they were ahead on the scoreboard. Bombing the white giant is hard to stop, but give me a team that competes and falls this way, playing face to face, having fun with each other, competing. If you have to lose, so much the better.

Source: La Verdad


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