Italy surrenders to Carlos Sainz: “Masterpiece, like Villeneuve in 1981”


Italy surrenders to Carlos Sainz: “Masterpiece, like Villeneuve in 1981”

The Italian press did not have it easy Carlos Sainz. They expect an explosion from the Spaniard in 2022, with a Ferrari that started the course as a winner before the unstoppable rise of Red Bull, but at that time, Carlos He found a car that was completely at odds with his style. He had to bow his head and, while his companion Charles Leclerc winning races at the beginning of last year, Carlos had to change his style and make what he had to do mentally come naturally to him. That process was long, difficult and prevented him from taking advantage of that winning car to become famous. The Italian media praised Leclerc and at the start of the season, they viewed Carlos as the number 2 and Charles as the number 1 of ‘rossa’. But since Monza, things have changed, and in Singapore, Carlos Sainz confirmed it. In just one year, the image of the Italian press about Sainz is completely different. Also the ‘tifosi’.

Carlos turned the situation around and was 3 races ahead. He is the author of “masterpieces”, of “Villeneuve-like” victories and “perfect” races. This is what the main Italian newspapers were saying after Carlos Sainz’s victory in Singapore:

Gazzetta dello Sport: “Carlos, perfect”

“Red Fury,” headlined ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ on the front cover of its newspaper. “Carlos, perceto, conquers Singapore. ‘Impeccable, the team and I’. Cavallino is like this again,” he writes in the subtitle.

“Carlos, masterful,” pointed out his expert journalist Luigi Perna, who gave 10 to the Madrid native’s career. “Carlos Sainz junior in the professor version gives Ferrari the victory it has been missing since the 2022 Austrian GP. The Spaniard is perfect,” said the journalist. “Like Villeneuve at Jarama in 1981,” recalled the famous pink newspaper due to the Spaniard’s tight finish and perfect management of the race.

Corriere dello Sport:

“Celebration for Carlos Sainz and Ferrari at the Singapore Grand Prix. The Spaniard breaks Red Bull’s dominance,” highlights ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’ in its web chronicle. “In Singapore, Ferrari wins after 14 months,” he said on his newspaper cover, titled with a big “red party.” “Sainz leads. Leclerc acts as a team. He checks Red Bull, which in 2023 is undefeated,” highlights the sports newspaper, which hopes that this victory is the beginning of a better future for Ferrari.

In one of its reviews, the Italian newspaper highlights Carlos Sainz’s driving acumen, something that was key to success in Singapore. “This time the flag was planted by Carlitos, son of Carlos, multiple rally and desert champion. The ability to think before stepping on the accelerator was instilled in him by his father, and yesterday the boy took advantage of it in a lectio magistralis race . . He put the race to sleep in the first stage, he extended it when necessary, he kept the McLaren of his friend Lando Norris close to his ass in the last five laps which will encapsulate the essence of the whole weekend”, read in ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’.

In the same news, they did not hesitate to praise the skill and cunning of Sainz to tell his team by radio that he had to control the distance to Norris, something he used to give him DRS and thus defend the both cars from Mercedes attacks .

Tuttosport: “Sainz’s masterpiece, the Ferrari we want”

“Sainz’s masterpiece. This is the Ferrari we want,” highlights ‘Tuttosport’ on its front page of the paper newspaper with a great headline that says everything about the wait for the ‘tifosi’: “Finally!” “Courage and strategy. Carlos Sainz, masterful,” they express in one of the subtitles, also highlighting that “Leclerc put himself at the service of his teammate.”

Corriere della Sera: “Sainz’s masterpiece”

Source: La Verdad


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