Real Madrid receives a visit from ‘vampires’


This morning, the real Madrid received a visit from the “vampires”. This is the Spanish Commission for the Fight against Doping in Sports (CELAD) and its mission is the protection of the right to health of all athletes and the right to participate in a competition without cheating, under conditions of equality.

Along with this penultimate training session of real Madrid Before the derby, a total of seven players from the first team had to pass an anti-doping test. In this case, it is a urine control.

The work of CELAD It has four main axes: protect, prevent, detect and implement health by creating a real health protection system in sports and sports activity.

The CELAD preventing cheating and doping through education, doping control and the promotion of projects that contribute to the understanding of this scourge in society and its eradication. It also detects violations of the anti-doping policy through doping control programs and research programs and enforces anti-doping rules by penalizing any violation thereof, applying current law.

Source: La Verdad


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