More than a simple victory in a vengeful comeback


After a tumultuous week, endless negotiations, and the extraordinary atmosphere that seemed to plague the National Team, the world champions were once again satisfied. In complicated circumstances, they managed to shine more than before, they showed self-esteem and pulled off more than a victory for Goteborg’s Gamla Ullevi against one of the best teams in the world. History will say that Spain beat Sweden on their debut in the Nations League, an important victory, although that is not entirely true. They have achieved much more, especially the respect and recognition they deserve.

Expectations were high to see what the Spanish internationals could do after the earthquake caused by Luis Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso, and they responded with a display of commitment and professionalism that forcefully endorsed their demands on the office and press room. Her performance and determination is the best way to definitely silence the noise caused by the former president of the Federation and to pay tribute to that star that from yesterday will adorn the shield of the Women’s National Team.

A vindication was expected and there was. The Spanish players – supported by the Swedish players – announced a simple message with a banner before the match: “#SeAcabó”. National team footballers want to settle extra-sports debates and talk exclusively about football within the national team. In the profession they love so much and they honored yesterday as they returned to the field of play. Of victories and defeats. Sports, of course. That’s it. Because only a month has passed since they achieved World Cup glory and none of them have been able to enjoy their great success. So are the fans. A hell of a month that turns out to be endless after everything that happened, but it ends with a triumphant return and the long-awaited changes taking place in the Federation.

In yesterday’s appearance, no one could doubt the commitment of the members of the Spanish National Team, who did not show the fatigue that had to fight to change the ancient ranks of national football and achieved more than a simple football. victory over Sweden. For them and for all the players. To be proud.

Source: La Verdad


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