No penalty from Gavi to Bamba


The Barça-Celta referee, the Andalusian Melero Lopez, is well positioned, applies the advantage correctly and, despite the presence of judgment errors, has the same criteria for allowing both teams. With great confidence in making decisions and having control of the match, the players did not protest.

He got the cards right Christensen, Gavi and First Núñez, although in the 13th minute the Dane also had to be alert for a harsh tackle on Aspas. The VAR of Hernandez Hernandez He did not intervene due to the lack of conflicting plays.

Yesterday, at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium, Melero Lopez He was able to provide fluidity to the game, which was helped by his assistants. Furthermore, he was right in the 49th minute by not giving a fall from bamba in the view of Gavi in the Barça area. In summary, the Andalusian referee managed the match well.

Source: La Verdad


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