Excellent bronze for Laura Fuertes in the Boxing World Cup


At the door of the final. The Asturian Laura Strong (23 years old) was overwhelmed by split decision in the semi-final match against Turkish Buse Naz Cakiroglu and thus had to settle for the bronze medal on Boxing World Championship which is done in Istanbul, Turkey). The fighter of Spanish Boxing Federation (FEB) started at a disadvantage against a rival with more experience and a brilliant resume, where a European Championshipcelebrated on Alcobendas (Madrid)and two silver medals won in a world and in the past Tokyo Olympics.

Despite starting at a disadvantage, the boxer from Gijon He showed a good face to his rival, and as he did in the quarterfinal match, he came out dominant in the middle of the ring, playing his advanced left hand that opened up the perfect way for his attack on his opponent, launching quick combination and well protects oneself in each of the three three minute battles that make up the battles.

the student of Rafael Lozano He maintained the uncertainty of the result almost until the end, reaching the third round with options, but behind the cards. Fuertes tried to the end, but couldn’t find a definite hand to be with Cakiglorudifficult on the other hand in amateur boxing.

A defeat that shouldn’t diminish the slightest glitter in the bronze medal he won Laura Strong, the first in the history of a Spanish boxer in a World championship.

Source: La Verdad


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