Ibiza beat Real Murcia at home 3-1


Ibiza won 3-1 against Real Murcia in Wednesday’s match at the Estadi Palladium Can Misses. Ibiza approached the match with the aim of adding more points to the competition after drawing 1-1 in the last match against At. Sanluqueño. On the part of the visiting team, Real Murcia won their last match of the tournament 0-1 away from home against At. Balearics. With this defeat the Murcian team is in thirteenth position after the end of the match, while Ibiza is in fourth.

In the first half of the match, none of the players scored, so in the first 45 minutes the score did not move from the initial 0-0.

After the half point of the match, in the second half the goal came for Ibiza, who took the opportunity to open the scoring with a goal from Escassi in the 56th minute. After the new play, the home team’s score increased, increasing the gap thanks to a double goal from Escassi in the 58th minute. However, the visiting team got closer on the scoreboard, making it 2-1 thanks to Rodri Ríos’ goal in the 79th minute. The Ibizan eleven increased their differences with a goal from Suleiman in the 82nd minute, finishing the match with a score of 3-1 in the light.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The Ibiza coach brought in Roberto Olabe, Suleiman, Rubén Díez, Cedric and Fausto for Eugeni, Arroyo, Álex Gallar, Jesús Álvarez and Obolskii, while Real Murcia brought in Isi Gómez, Arturo Molina, Rodri Ríos and Pedro León. Alex Rubio, José Carrillo, Dani Vega and Carlos Rojas.

The referee showed a yellow card to Ibiza, specifically to Olaortua. Furthermore, in the match there was a red card, which led to the sending off of Tomás Pina (2 yellow cards) by the visiting team.

With this result, Ibiza climbed to 14 points and remains in a playoff position for promotion to the Second Division and Real Murcia remains with eight points.

The next day, both teams will play at their home stadiums. The Ibizan team will face Recreativo and, for its part, Real Murcia will face Algeciras.

Source: La Verdad


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