Balmena United boss David Jeffrey signs two-year contract extension at Showgrounds


David Jeffrey has signed his near future with Balimena United after agreeing to a two-year extension of his new contract at ShowGround.

Jeffrey, who took office in March 2016, is the longest-serving manager in Warden Street’s 94-year history.

The 59-year-old’s contract expires next year, but his new contract now holds him with the Blues until 2025.

Jeffrey said: “I am delighted, honored and honored to receive a contract here.

“I’ve always said since the day and the time I came here that I want to serve our club as long as the people at the club think I can do something. That hasn’t changed.

I am here because the club has strengthened my faith and I consider it an honor to serve here.

“I would like to especially thank President John Taggart and Vice President Don Sterling for the leadership I have received, as well as John Thorington, David Blair and the other members of the Board of Directors who have helped me the most.

“The support infrastructure I have at Ballymena United has been top notch, as has the team working with Jonathan Irwin and Ian Black.

We’ve been hugely successful for six years and have also faced some challenges, but it’s always clear that we work together in a unique way.

“I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to continue serving Ballymina United.”

“David has been successful for six years and the stats speak for themselves more than any previous coach,” said Balimina boss John Taggart, who led Jeffrey to the confrontation in March 2016.

“We are confident David and his team of staff will guide us into the next era at Showgrounds.”

Since becoming Glenn Ferguson’s successor to Warren Street’s hot seat six years ago, Jeffrey has been at the helm of Team Balimina for nearly 300 games.

The former Linfield manager wrote several notable first things with the Sky Blues, including winning the League Cup for the first time in the club’s history in 2017.

He also won United’s top six in the current 12-team league in 2017, and also led them to second place in 2019, the club’s joint history in the Premier League.

Jeffrey qualified twice for Balimena in Europe and led the club to the European Championship for the first time in the Europa League in 2019.

He also led Bradman to two Irish Cup finals, three League Cups and two shields, more than any other coach in the club’s history.

Balmena has lost a place in the top six this season, but is eyeing the European qualifiers and awaits the Irish Cup final next month.

Jeffrey recently confirmed last week that he will be stepping down as a senior social worker, nearly 30 years after joining the Northern Health Trust later this week.

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Source: Belfastlive


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