Juventus will support Fagioli in his rehabilitation


Juventus will support Fagioli in his rehabilitation

The Juventus This Thursday he expressed his “full support” for the midfielder Nicolò FagioliAfter Office of the Prosecutor of the Italian Football Federation made an official penalty of seven months away from the playing fields and imposed six months of therapy for his acknowledged gambling addiction.

“The club notes the official statement of the FIGC n°177/AA and confirms its full support for Nicolò Fagioli to take this path, providing the necessary support for the implementation of the indicated therapeutic plan,” said the team in a statement.

Also, Juventus has committed to working with the Federation to organize the public meetings set out in its sanction, “as clearly stipulated in the agreement.”

“We are firmly convinced that Nicolowith the support of the Club, his teammates, his family and the professionals who help him, he will face the therapeutic and training process with a great sense of responsibility and, once the suspension is over, he will be able to compete again with due serenity .” added the sports club.

Last Tuesday, the Prosecutor’s Office officially punished the Italian Niccolo Fagioliwho after a plea agreement will be absent from the playing field for seven months and at least six months under therapy, in addition to being forced to pay a fine of 12,500 euros.

The FIGC Prosecutor’s Office has reached an agreement with the footballer Nicolò Fagioli after that he will face a 12-month disqualification, 5 of which will be changed to alternative prescriptions, and a fine of 12,500 euros, for violating the article prohibiting the possibility of placing bets on football events organized by FIGC, UEFA and FIFA,” the FIGC reported.

The 5-month sanction “commuted as alternative prescriptions” consists of “a cycle of at least 10 public meetings”, held within the aforementioned 5-month period.

The midfielder, the first name to appear in the scandal where his compatriots are also being investigated Sandro Tonali (Newcastle) and Nicolo Zaniolo (Aston Villa), reached a plea agreement with FIGC.

Fagioli He admitted, therefore, betting on football matches – not in any directly involved -, something expressly prohibited by FIGC Sports Code.

The fact of having one’s own report on FIGC (sports justice) as soon as he found out that he was being investigated by Turin Prosecutor’s Office (ordinary justice), who cooperated from the first moment, recognized his addiction and put himself in the hands of professionals to treat it is key to reducing the punishment, which in Sports Justice Code It appears as at least three years away from the playing fields.

The player is now in the hands of professionals to overcome his gambling addiction, according to local media, who say he received threats from the owners of the venues where he played because of his high debts and demanded more money to his colleagues. they

Source: La Verdad


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