Sevilla’s response to Real Madrid and videos about referees


The videos of Real Madrid TV about arbitrations received by the white team is common and causes a lot of controversy. Latest. the one of Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, tomorrow’s referee, was not immune to all that controversy. Real Madrid television recalled in a video the actions of De Burgos Bengoetxea which, in his opinion, harmed Real Madrid.

He Seville hHe wanted to respond to that video and others made by Real Madrid with a message on the social network ‘X’. “It is much more hard to judge oneself than to judge others” (Saint-Exupéry). Let’s all respect the rules of the competition,” is the text of Sevilla’s message along with some photos of Superpaco, Sevilla’s legendary goalkeeper. But why these pictures and that text?

Sevilla remembered what happened in 1975 in a match between Sevilla and Real Madrid that ended 1-1 and in which the white team benefited from the referee’s decision. It all happened when Breitner shot from outside the area. The ball entered the side of the net and was scored as a goal that surprised everyone. López Cuadrado, the Catalan referee who blew the whistle in that match, awarded the goal 0-1 for Real Madrid.

Biri Biri He scored the tying goal and because of that action, the linemen were forced to check the nets before games.

Source: La Verdad


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