Chimy and ‘Budi’ debuted in the El Sadar locker against Granada


In addition to a goal-scoring nose, something important for football, the couple Chimy Avila and Budimir is new exudes charisma. And quality. With this (two key passes from the Argentine and two goals from the Croatian) they knocked out a pomegranate feisty but still without success away from home and sinking in the bottom zone. Osasunain its part, after the crash of Bernabeu (4-0) took a breather and earned a place in the middle of the table. And all thanks to Chemistry alreadyfriend‘.

A beginning marked by conflict

What enveloped the match before the opening whistle, unfortunately, had nothing to do with football. It concerns the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the terrorist group that rules Palestine, and has caused the absence, for security reasons, of Shawn WeissmanIsraeli player for Granada who stayed in the Andalusian capital without playing.

That and the legitimate support of a part of the stances of The Conscious in Palestine is the precursor to what comes later: a bright practice of Osasuna on the grass, which also materialized after eleven minutes with an extraordinary pass from Chimy Avila in Budimir for the Croatian to score 1-0. Here he responded pomegranate with a shot Gumball which, little by little, served to shake the dominance in some instances where Sergio Herrera It is at an amazing level. At half-time they were tied, though not on the scoreboard, but in feelings.

After leaving the locker room, the game continued on the same path. A Osasuna wants to dominate, and sometimes achieves it, in front of a pomegranate which was still in the game because of the narrow score. Something changed at the end of the 60th minute again Budimirbeyond Chemistry, took a penalty which he himself converted after a VAR review. It was 2-0 and, without knowing it but suspecting it, the sentence of the match.

The carousel of changes Paco Lopez It only made his team have more lungs, but in the head, where the games are played when they are stuck, there is not much idea. And those that exist are deactivated all local defenses closer to the goal when Lucas Boyé He was sent off for a hard foul.

In this way, in the last section Osasuna He limited himself to keeping the ball, including a disallowed goal, to finally celebrate the first victory at home. It took a while to arrive, but it did. Like all good things.

Osasuna pomegranate



1 Sergio Herrera

13 Andre Ferreira

12 Jesús Areso 85′

12 Ricard Sánchez 83′

(Eleven Kike Barja)

(twenty Sergio Ruiz)

24 chain

4 Miguel Rubio

5 David Garcia

14 Ignasi Miguel

fifteen Rubén Peña 85′

fifteen Carlos Neva

(2 Nacho Vidal)

twenty-one Oscar Melendo 63′

6 Lucas Torro

(10 Antonio Puertas)

7 Moncayola 68′

23 Mr. Gumbau 87′

(3 Juan Cruz)

(18 Njegoš Petrović)

16 Hello Gomez

24 Gonzalo Villar 83′

9 Chimy Avila

(9 Jose Callejon)

17 A. Budimir 80′

33 Alvaro Carreras 63′

(19 P. Ibáñez)

(Eleven Myrto Uzuni)

10 Aimar Oroz 80′

7 Lucas Boyé

(23 Raul Garcia)

26 Bryan Zaragoza

The objectives:(1-0) A. Budimir (11′), (2-0) A. Budimir (59′)

Cards:l Bryan Zaragoza (42′), Ignasi Miquel (48′), G. Gumbau (54′), André Ferreira (58′), Rubén Peña (65′), Aimar Oroz (79′), P. Ibáñez (84′)l Lucas Boyé (76′)

Referee: Mateo Busquets Ferrer

Spectators: 20,000 spectators at El Sadar Stadium

THE BEST The unity between Budimir and Chimy Ávila
WORST A Granada’s lack of reaction to sadness

Source: La Verdad


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