Espanyol B win from a penalty


Spanish B


Badalona F.

Spanish B:
Fortuño (2); Casadesús (2), Gorjón (2), Català (4) (Recasens, 2, min. 91), Joan Puig (3); Rafa Bauza (3), Carvalho (2) (Marc Delgado, 2, min. 76); Pecellín (2) (Omar Sadik, 2, min. 67), Javi Hernández (4) (Marc Jurado, 2, min. 91), Ian Forns (2); Rivarés (3).

Badalona F:
Ortega (1); Espínola (1) (Albert Torras, 1, min. 77), Pedraza (1), Genar (1), Aleix Roig (1) (Zourdine, 1, min. 58); Sergio Cortés (1), Segura (1), Isaiah (1) (Barrero, 1, min. 46); Valverde (1), Piñol (1) (Édgar, 1, min. 46) and Jaume Pascual (1).

Goal: 1-0Javi Hernández from a penalty (min. 17).

Incidents: CD Dani Jarque. About 500 spectators.

Referee: Bouzas Laconti (2). He advised locals Rafa Bauza, Carvalho and Omar Sadik and guest Jaume Pascual.

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A penalty goal from Javi Hernández at the start of the match gave victory to a Spanish B team sleeping outside of relegation.

In the first part, the balance was slightly tilted in favor of the parakeet. The reserve team knew how to interpret attacking situations and, above all, showed defensive solidity. He is strong in duels. Badalona F., for its part, had great control of the ball, but could not find space for an attack. He did not enjoy clear chances, unlike his rival who after fifteen minutes, took the lead. Javi Hernández converted the maximum penalty for handball in a corner. Furthermore, the crossbar was the star, as the parrots landed two shots there: first, Carvalho and, later, Pecellín.

No major events happened in the second episode. Badalona dominated, but didn’t put Fortuño in dire straits. The clearest chance for the visitors was Edgar’s superb free-kick, but Fortuño saved superbly.

Source: La Verdad


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