Pedro Acosta began to lead Buriram


Pedro Acosta (Kalex) seems ready to judge the world title in mathematics and to do so he leads the first round of free practice for the Moto2 Thai Grand Prix at the “Chang International” circuit in Buriram town.

Acosta set the fastest time in the category with 1:36.266, just under a second off the absolute record for Moto2, 1:35.297, held since 2019 by Spanish Àlex Márquez (Kalex).

The Briton didn’t have much luck in the first minutes of the session. Jake Dixon (Kalex), who crashed when he set the best reference time in the category and did so after resolving doubts about his participation in the Thai race after dislocating his shoulder in a fall in Australia.

Dixon was hesitant because of the discomfort he had for a week in his shoulder, but seeing that the treatment had improved the discomfort of the distension he suffered, he decided to attend the Thai race, which did not start well due to the mishap that.

His colleague, It’s GuevaraMoto3 world champion in 2022, started the session with great spirit and quickly became the star by achieving an amazing “save” on the entrance curve at the finish line, when he was almost on the ground.

In those opening minutes, after Jake Dixon, he took the responsibility of leading the time table Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro), with a time of 1:36.602, just 67 thousandths of a second faster than the British and world leader, Pedro Acosta (Kalex), third, with a time of 1:36.671, 69 thousandths behind his compatriot.

With less than eight minutes of effective session, the Moto2 riders came out to do their final lap, with the leader quickly. Acosta He led the table with a time of 1:36.269, which one lap later he improved to 1:36.266, while his only mathematical “obstacle” to achieving the championship, the Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex), was not there . too “fine”.

With the leader of Acosta, Arbolino was seen in the eighteenth positionwho two minutes from the end improved to rise to eighth place, while the “Tiburón” of Puerto de Mazarrón took advantage of every last millimeter of the track to try to improve even more.

Arbolino also did his job well as on the fifteenth lap he completed at the Thai track he moved up three places, fifth, almost three tenths of a second behind a solid leader, Pedro Acosta.

In Acosta At the top of the table are Fermín Aldeguer, 88 thousandths of a second behind, Dennis Foggia (Kalex), Ai Ogura (Kalex), Tony Arbolino himself, Arón Canet (Kalex), and the local idol Somkiat Chantra (Kalex ). , Jake Dixon, who did not improve his record in the fifth lap, the Spaniards Manuel González (Kalex), Albert Arenas (Kalex) and Marcos Ramírez (Kalex), behind them.

The Italian Celestino Vietti (Kalex) was twelfth, ahead of Izan Guevara and the American Joe Roberts (Kalex).

Source: La Verdad


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