‘When I grow up I want to be Aitana’


Winning the Ballon d’Or is an achievement only a select few can achieve. Starting this Monday, Aitana Bonmatí is one of the legends who will have the prestigious award in the display cases of his home. The center of his life is definitely, his house, his people, his family.

THOUGHThen they chose to move their residence closer to Barcelona or to the Ciutat Esportiva, but the open town and an informal conversation with their friends in life is the driving force that allows them to improve themselves day by day -day.

lThe evolution of women’s football has been meteoric and Aitana’s growth on and off the field has followed at the same pace. From being a small technician, who taught the ways to take the step forward, to bringing out the leader within him to become gold in Paris.

dThose who know him say there are few people who enjoy the present less and are more obsessed with work than he is. Self-demand may be his third surname, behind his mother, the first, and his father, the second. Because that spirit of fighting and not giving up anything for the lost, of persevering in what is desired, is what led his parents there in 1998 to change the rule preventing the placement of the mother’s last name.

MMany soccer lovers discovered yesterday that there is a soccer player named Aitana Bonmatí who is the best player in the world. Because even in the small republic of women’s football Barça, Aitana is known almost to the numbering of her ID, but outside there is still much to do.

SAItana Bonmatí put his name in the sky of football stars and he did it in style. Being the first person in the history of football, woman or man, who in one season won the Champions League, the World Cup, their two MVPs and then crowned it with the Ballon d’Or. No one, absolutely no one had achieved it before.

TAfter living the dream night, which he himself declared that he did not dream how far he saw, Aitana must now take a few days of reflection, of pleasure, of stopping the clock. From sitting on a terrace in her beloved hometown to continuing to be ‘that girl from Ribes’ who conquered the world.

Yo It’s not over yet. The one in Paris wasn’t the last time she dressed up this season. ‘The Best’ awaits you. With Johan Cruyff they have to change the chant because ‘només hi ha una queen (there is only one queen), Alexia Putellas’ is history. Barça already has two queens, three Ballon d’Ors and counting. The image of the Barça player shining in Paris will go around the world and from now on there will be a common dream among hundreds of thousands of girls on the planet: ‘When I grow up I want to be like him.’ The Aitana era has begun.

Source: La Verdad


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