Nacho Vidal will not miss the last ringing of boxer Benito Eufemia’s bell


Gradually, the match that will take place on December 30 at Hotel Hesperia de Hospitalet will argue Benito Eufemia against ‘Freddy the Giant’ in the super heavyweight category and with an international title at stake. According to Eufemia’s words, it was “my last bell ringing.”

‘Fredy the Giant’ is 199cm tall and weighs 140kg. He has won the world’s strongest man title twice and has fought in various mixed martial arts, always in the heavyweight category.

The evening will serve as a tribute to missing promoter Alfonso Goyawho according to Eufemia “after so many years of fighting in boxing, is very excited about this tribute that I will offer him and the other boxers who will meet in the ring at the Hesperia Hotel.”

One of the figures that will meet in the ring on December 30 is Xavi Moya. The Catalan boxer, who died in an accident a few weeks ago, was a close friend of Benito Eufemia, and both were in ordered by Alfonso Goya. They made a great number of matches under the supervision of what they say is the best manager that has ever happened in Spain. There will also be a heartfelt memorial for Moya.

Among the various guests from the entertainment world, the presence of Nacho Vidal. The retired actor and former boxer is Benito Eufemia’s best friend and former student, and he has already admitted that he will not miss this night, as the actor turns 50 that same day.

Source: La Verdad


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