Gavi left the Ciutat Esportiva after undergoing medical tests


An hour after arriving at Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí, Gavi leave the facilities of FC Barcelona with his agent, Ivan de la Pena, and after undergoing various medical tests to determine the true extent of the injury. While waiting for the club to officially communicate the medical report, everything indicates that the Barça midfielder could break the triad during the match that Spain played this Sunday match Georgia in Valladolid. If confirmed, Xavi could be without one of its mainstays for the rest of the season. Besides, Gavi its presence can also be seen in danger in European Cup next summer Germany.

The Sevillian midfielder was deeply affected when he saw that he had suffered a serious injury and in the same locker room as New José Zorrilla I can not believe. “It’s not possible, why me?” he asked himself in dismay. This morning, the player seems to be more whole.

Source: La Verdad


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