Kyrgios shines against Becker for Alcaraz


The Australian Nick Kyrgios He still doesn’t have a return date, after missing the 2023 season with a knee injury. The Australian Open means it has not considered that one of the local tennis players generating the most passion will compete in the first Grand Slam of 2024.

However, the ‘Aussie’ continues to be active, either making his debut as a television commentator or handing out remarks and criticism to colleagues on the circuit through social networks.

If he disagrees on an issue, he lashes out with the same force he might break a racket or confront a fan or a referee.

This time it was lit by a tennis legend who once again took center stage on the ATP Tour, taking the technical reins of the Dane. Holger Rune. The experiment of this final campaign was satisfactory, and the German Boris Becker will continue to coach talented Scandinavians, who are as old as Carlos Alcaraz20 years old, and established in the top-10 after debuting at the ATP Finals.

Becker reviewed the collapse they had discussed Carlos Alcaraz and his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero since he won his first Wimbledon. And especially after the semifinals that they lost Daniel Medvedev at the US Open. “You have to be professional from January to November,” Ferrero told Charly, noting that “next year I have to grow even more.”

According to Boris Becker, took Alcaraz’s victory at Wimbledon as a reference. “You duel Djokovic, become world number one and win Wimbledon for the first time, but maintaining this level is the hardest thing in tennis. “Anyone can have a good tournament or a good year every now and then, but maintaining that level over the years is the real challenge,” the German told Eurosport, the channel he works with.

And he said that “my favorite saying is ‘the locker room never sleeps.’ It means in this context that other players realize how to play Alcaraz. Others have evolved and he hasn’t, although he continues to play fantastic tennis.”

Is it true? Becker He ended on a positive note, because “I am convinced that Alcaraz will now train something different with Ferrero in the winter, and it will improve.”

But the criticism did not sit well with Kyrgios, who released a sentence, remembering that Becker was also a young champion at Wimbledon. The one with the most, out of 17 ‘Boom Boom’ has already lifted the trophy.

Taking Becker’s full statement, Kyrgios added “yyyyyyyyy… Alcaraz WILL DESTROY Becker…. NEXT”. His own remarks about a grass match at Wimbledon, and how he despised scrutiny, quickly moved on to other matters. Pure Kyrgios.

Incidentally, Alcaraz was the reason Kyrgios turned on Becker.

Source: La Verdad


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