The decision has been made: Pablo Barrios will undergo surgery


Bad news to Atlético de Madrid. In fact it came on Wednesday, when that was known Pablo Barrios He tore his meniscus in Wednesday’s Champions League match Feyenoord in De Kuip. The club reported that the young player underwent medical tests that found “a meniscal tear” and that “in the coming days the specific treatment for recovery from the injury will be decided.”

Well, after consulting with several specialists and evaluating all possible scenarios, the player and the medical services of Atlético de Madrid They determined it would be best for the midfielder to undergo surgery to treat the medial meniscus tear in his right knee.

The other possibility is to opt for a conservative treatment, with rest and physiotherapy, but in the end it is believed that surgery would be better for the young footballer who is only 20 years old. This would mean a longer period of absence, but given the player’s age and his future, it was considered the best solution.

Considering the other precedents, it was to be expected Pablo Barrios out for a few weeks (obviously, It is not expected until 2024), although everything depends on the evolution of the young player and his own constitution, because the recoveries are not the same for all football players. Once the surgical intervention is performed, the recovery time will be more accurate, which will continue to be an estimate.

In any case, there is no rush for the player or the club to return. At 20 years old, the main thing is that he is fully recovered considering a lot of football remains ahead of him.


Regarding the signing possibility, Atlético are already considering strengthening the midfield in the winter market (Lemar has been injured for a long time) and now the loss of Neighborhoods the club will try to put more interest in giving Simeon a piece already claimed by the Argentine coach last summer.

Source: La Verdad


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