Little is said about Xabi Alonso


There is more and more talk, but still not enough, of Xabi Alonso and his Bayer Leverkusen. The coach of Tolosarra has emerged as a super-elite coach in record time and what is happening this season has left the ‘planet of football’ without adjectives. The ‘aspirin team’ is leading the Bundesliga, putting the team’s supremacy under review Bavariawhich is the only team capable of avoiding defeat this season against Leverkusen. The other 18 measured against those Xabi Alonso in all the contests they won.

But if the most prominent notes are striking, they are still sensations. He Bayer Leverkusen This is a team that is attractive and dominant because it is solid and effective and the credit goes mainly to itself. Xabi Alonso. Because the ‘aspirin team’ template is good, but not enough for the intensity of the headache it causes its opponents.

Having said all that, it remains to be seen how far this will go. Bayer Leverkusen of Xabi Alonso and the continuity over time that the project will have. Because it will be strange that, facing the next season, the coach from Tolosa does not have an offer to leave for a bigger team. In fact, his name was first announced as a candidate to succeed Ancelotti within real Madrid If the Italian ever leaves Brazil. But still little is said about Xabi Alonso for what it’s worth.

Source: La Verdad


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