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Fernando Alonso has not yet spoken to any team about his future. That’s what the Asturian told the MD on Thursday, at an event before the Spanish F1 GP. However, he has already taken the previous step: showing himself to all teams. While last year his statements were directed at Alpine and their joint project, this course raises even greater doubts. The contract ended and his future was unknown. Especially because of the change in his statements, including “other teams” in the equation of his future.

Alarms began to sound in Australia when he launched a phrase that caught everyone’s attention “I will race two or three more years in F1, in Alpine or elsewhere,” he said in early April in Melbourne. And now, a month and a half later, the Oviedo man reiterates with striking remarks. First, at the Finetwork event before the Barcelona event.

“The future … We’ll see after the summer, which is what I had in mind since preseason, as I already said, that in the summer I’ll think about what the best option is. Logically, the new rules always put a different order between the teams and it is needed to see what possibility there is between the teams that have options to win in the next years. So that will be the priority when he thinks of talking to another team “, he pointed out. He clarified that he would appreciate any option and he wanted a win. Message for the top teams, even if there isn’t much space in them.

And days later, he even walked away from an interview with ‘Sky Sports’. They asked him if he would accept the offer of one of the winning teams to be the second driver, with the leader clearly not him. The answer caught attention: “Yes, of course.”

“I think, ultimately, there aren’t many number one or two drivers on either team right now and teams need both drivers to work together to improve the car,” Spaniard said.

“Especially with the new rules you’re still learning a lot with every lap you do and you have to work to have a better vehicle, a better package, so we’ll see what the possibilities are in the next few years.” It could happen alluded to Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes and even McLaren. Fernando threw the hook. Now he is waiting, as he said, to sit down in the summer to study all his options. F1 teams have been warned.

Source: La Verdad


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