The Government of Aragon accuses Blanco of saying "lies"


Ang Government of Aragonon the mouth of its Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Philip Facihas denounced the president’s “lies” Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alexander Whiteand insisted that the community would not allow the Aragonese Pyrenees to be underestimated.

At a press conference, Blanco said on Wednesday that he was “convinced there will be an agreement” to present the joint candidacy between Aragon and Catalonia to host the 2030 Winter Games and criticized the “sterile political debates” that are preventing in options. of came to that agreement.

“It is impossible for the technicians to come to an agreement and for the politicians to debate the agreement that has already been taken,” said Blanco.

After this Blanco press conference, the Government of Aragon appealed to the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, to redirect the Olympic bid situation in the face of “a state problem”, according to the regional executive.

Given the words of Blaco, who did not close the door on candidacy talks in counties or municipalities outside the Government of Aragon, Faci described this option as “serious infidelity” after the mayors of the Pyrenees and businessmen in tourism closed ranks with the Government of Aragon -the first mayors this morning- negotiated in a unitary manner.

“Surprisingly now the president of the COE is talking about the resumption of talks when he was the one who unilaterally decided to cut off the negotiations. We have lost confidence in the COE and we are appealing to President Sánchez to redirect the situation and not we leaders Aragón Faci insisted other political actions to defend Aragón Faci’s interests.

Lambán asked Sánchez for a meeting accompanied by Aragonese political forces because a situation had been reached “where this candidacy has become a problem of the State and consequently the Government of Aragon will address it.”

Aragon, according to Faci, will continue to work for an Olympic bid “but always on equal terms” and within a bid that “does not underestimate” the Aragonese community.

In addition, the adviser highlighted the Aragonese unity around this candidacy, which is contrasted with the situation in Catalonia, “where the rejection has already been proven and where popular consultations are still pending. territory, “he said.

“The Government of Aragon is making a very important investment effort in the Aragonese Pyrenees and will not allow the jewel in the crown to be underestimated and reduced in value for the benefit of its main competitor, the Catalan Pyrenees”, he warned.

Regarding Blanco’s statements appealing to an individual negotiation with Aragonese ski resorts, Faci recalled that the major ski resorts in the Pyrenees are owned by Aramón, a mixed company made up of the Government and Ibercaja.

Source: La Verdad


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