The Premier League has stopped a fund of 1,000 million for mediocre football


The Premier League has stopped a fund of 1,000 million for mediocre football

The Premier League has scrapped an agreement to fund clubs in the lower divisions of English football with 1,000 million euros, from the Second to Fourth divisions.

According to Sky Sports, Richard Masterspresident of the Premier League, has notified the 20 Premier League clubs that negotiations with the EFL (English Football League) will be stopped due to a disagreement over the funding of 880 million pounds (1,000 million euros) of which the highest category of English football aims to support mediocre football.

This decision was made because Masters It is not clear to me that there will be enough votes to reach an agreement. The clubs of premier They had to vote in favor of this resolution and it is not clear that they will get the fourteen votes in favor required to advance a proposal.

According to Sky, Premier club owners are unhappy with the cost of subsidizing the EFL, which controls the Second, Third and Fourth divisions, in addition to the uncertainty generated by the creation of an independent regulator, as intended by The British Government. to introduce it in 2024 as part of the reform of English football.

The deal between the Premier and the EFL will distribute €1 billion to 72 EFL clubs over six years.

This slowdown comes after the Premier signed a £6.7 billion deal for a domestic television contract between 2025 and 2029 and after the six founding English clubs of the European Super League insisted on their rejection of the project.

Source: La Verdad


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