Alcaraz came back and won the first match of 2024 against an inconsistent Djokovic


Alcaraz came back and won the first match of 2024 against an inconsistent Djokovic

Notice of Carlos Alcaraz in Novak Djokovic in Tennis Cup Riyadh Season which was played this Wednesday afternoon at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where there is no room for a pin. Yes, it’s an exhibition match, but it’s also a face to face between two of the best rackets on the circuit, which many are already calling the first match between the two to face off in what looks to be an exciting 2024 again, at the beginning of Australian Open as said in the corner, January 14.

In MelbourneDjokovic will fight to retain the title and the student of Juan Carlos Ferrero -absent this afternoon in Riyadh- will try to shake off the bad taste from last year, where he could not even play in the previous edition due to a muscle problem. And, after what we saw this afternoon, Alcaraz will be coming into Australia in great form after beating a Djokovic who promised him a great time in the first set.

Alcaraz, from less to more

The player from Murcia entered the game very well and led the scoreboard (0-2), but Nope he gradually adapted to the court to end up imposing his game, after Alcaraz He would drop the first round after making two double faults. A first heat that was a roller coaster for El Palmar.

With this bad taste in my mouth the second set began, but Alcaraz He did not give up and started like the first, imposing his game to be 0-2 again. The difference is that this time the Murcian was more effective and won the set with his serve, with two trademark direct serves to which Nole could not respond.

Decisive set

The match will be decided in the third period, where at the beginning there are breaks for both sides. Alcaraz fell first (3-1), Novak recovered (3-3), but ‘Carlitos’ reached the decisive phase, where the one from Belgrade was more erratic. He returned to subtract from the theater to put himself at 4-5 up. An advantage that the Murcian would not waste to win his serve quickly and clearly against a Djokovic who only had to pay attention to the magic that Carlos had with his racket.

Yes, it was an exhibition match, but between two of the best rackets on the circuit. Nope ended up giving in to Carlos: “It’s great to have him in our sport. He’s one of the leaders in tennis. Tennis is in good hands. I enjoyed it and what we saw today was amazing”, to which Carlos responded humbly: ” I dreamed of him facing this place and I am very happy that I reached it. He looks like he is 20 years old, so we will share the court for many years. I will try to win big tournaments, but the most important thing for to me is the constant learning and improvement as a person”.

Source: La Verdad


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