Five wishes of LaLiga for 2024


The league led by Javier Tebas does not want to say goodbye to the year 2023 without a declaration of good intentions looking forward to 2024 born. The employers’ association has published five goals through its social networks marked as challenges to achieve in the next twelve months.

And all of them are related to i respect and the absence of violent behavior which he pursues every day, through his complaints to the Competition Committee and the Anti-Violence Commission.

The first of the aforementioned goals is “that no player leaves a stadium for abuse“. The second, closely related to the first, pursues “hear no more insults in a stadium.”

The third, “take a football without violence“. The fourth aims to ensure that fans of both teams respect each other: “Animate freely your team in any stadium.

And the fifth sums up the entire philosophy of this organization: “A grassroots football full of fun and learning“, which will undoubtedly lay the foundations for a more ‘cleaner’ professional football of insulting, exclusive or violent attitudes.

Source: La Verdad


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