Yildiz, the Juve treasure inspired by Del Piero


Naa Juventus They are lucky. They have a homegrown gem who has the talent to become a very important footballer in the next decade. In Turkey They also rub their hands as they enter Kenan Yildiz and Arda Guler, Both 18 years old, they dream of doing something important in the future. Both will go to Euro 2024.

The ‘Turkish Messi’ belongs to Bayern

It is worth remembering that in the summer of 2022, when he left the Bayern Munich, the club where Kenan Yildiz trained, the Turkish attacker has sounded like a future prospect for Barça. In the end, his signing did not materialize and he ended up signing with Juventus, a team where he currently has a contract until June 2027.

Combined with the first team of Juventus

Allegri He has shown on many occasions that he does not look at the ID of the players, but rather pays attention to the performance. Therefore, before the Romehanded the 18-year-old attacker the starting job, leaving players wanting Church. And every time he comes out he shows signs of being a generational talent, a different player. Despite his height of 1.85m, he has the ability to get between rival defenders with sheer skill, which allowed him to score two great goals in the first team. In the second, he drove the ball attached to his foot, accelerated, stopped, dribbled and took a powerful shot from his sleeve that the goalkeeper could do nothing about.

Imitator of Del Piero

He has a market value of 10 million and his contract runs until 2027. Juventus want to give him stripes so he can become a new star. The hope that one day he will reach the level of his idol, Alessandro Del Piero. So far he has managed to score a goal in his first game as a starter in Serie A, do the same in the Coppa Italia and celebrate goals like he does.

Celebrate goals like her because she is one of your references. ”My celebration was inspired by Del Piero. That’s why I decided to stick my tongue out. “He is a legend of this club and of football.”

The Italian also surrendered to him, making sure that “he has everything to succeed.” And it’s true, he has the physique, the strength, the class, the definition and the desire to take over the world. Time to enjoy your football.

Source: La Verdad


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