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Pobla Mafumet: Gerard Font (4); Quirós (3), Rey (3) (Teo Pozo, 2, min. 51), José Enrique (3), Boaz (3); Ricki Robledo (3) (Bolado, 2, min. 81), Arnau Sans (3), Marcel (3); Santi Guzmán (4) (Dani García, 2, min. 81), Danilo (3) (Joan Torrents, 3, min. 66) and Barragán (4) (Patrik, 2, min. 81).

L’Hospitalet: Aliaga (2); Lobato (2), Vitalie (2), Isa (2), Marc Vicente (2); Ton Alcover (2), Raúl Martínez (2) (Canario, 2, min. 46), Joel Lasso (2); Albert López (2) (Sehou, 2, min. 52), Sanku (2) and Óscar Gómez (2) (Ander Montori, 2, min. 57).

The objectives: 1-0, Barragán (min. 37); 2-0, Santi Guzmán (min. 52); 3-0, Joan Torrents (min. 75).

Referee: More López (3). He advised locals Barragán, Santi Guzmán, Arnau Sans and Ricki Robledo and visitors Sehou (2, min. 83), Ton Alcovery Canario.

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Pobla Mafumet gave a clear victory to the leader, a L’Hospitalet team that had won only six games in a row.

It was difficult for the Grana team to fight against a very well-placed rival who pressed hard from above and easily got around the local goalkeeper Gerard Font. However, Pobla had the first clear chance of the game on the half hour mark with a shot that just missed the post. This action gave confidence to the local team who after seven minutes scored 1-0. Debutant Barragán took advantage of a long ball to beat Aliaga.

With the score in their favour, Pobla played more calmly after the break and soon extended their advantage with Santi Guzmán’s shot that hit a central defender and dislocated the goalkeeper on the riverbank. L’Hospitalet tried to get close at the same time and in the 69th minute they had a double chance, but first the ball hit the crossbar and then Gerard Font flew to prevent the goal. To have no more fears, Joan Torrents received a pass from the death and brought down the verdict with 3-0, a result that was overwhelming that left a Hospi with no options that ended with ten

Source: La Verdad


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